Monday, June 1, 2009


I just have to rant, and with this post, you get two-fer-one. That's right a double feature. Up first - the weather. What is going on with our weather? Maybe Mr. WeatherMan hasn't gotten the memo that it is June 1st. I know it is technically not summer yet. I understand that in a months time, I am going to be posting about how hot and miserable I am. In the meantime though, I am complaining about how not hot it is. The cooler temps paired with an endless amount of rain is starting to make me grumpy. I wish I could have a word with the idiot that dreamed up global warming, because I would give him a piece of my mind. I am going to make up a thing called Global Cooling. It would make more sense where I live. So everyday we get up and check the forecast, hoping, praying for warmer, drier weather. Because sometimes you buy a house for this:

And it just sits in the back yard and taunts us. Day after day.

Rant number two - A little history first. I had a skin cancer removed over a year ago on my back. Fine, or so I thought. It came back. I had it removed again. This time the borders weren't clear, so I went back for a third time. Now I am sporting 18(I originally thought less)stitches. The cut is well over two inches in length. I was going to post a photo, you know as a scare tactic, but it is pretty gross. I guess I will spare you the gory visual image, LOL. So, all of that to say, WEAR SUNSCREEN people. Make sure your children wear sunscreen. It could have been a lot worse for me. Honestly, even though it wasn't as bad as it could have been, it certainly wasn't enjoyable. I never really valued sunscreen. I certainly never wore it. That isn't the case anymore. So please protect yourself.

Ok, rant over. Sometimes you just have to though, ya know?


Stacie said...

That pool is beautiful. I can see how it is taunting you! I want to come see you, but it is going to have to wait 'til your global cooling spell passes. How in the world is it so cold there? It's supposed to hit 90's here today!

And I completely do not envy you the stitches on your back. The remnants of my last round of mole removals still itches like crazy. And the memory of pulling those stitches everytime I picked up a kid or moved the wrong way....*shudder* I am so sorry you have that going on for you right now. And yes, sunscreen is a must. I even buy swim shirts for the boys so that there is less in the way of surface area to be burned. I am dooming them to a lifetime of farmer's tans. They will thank me when they're 30.

Lori said...

Very funny about the weather...I'm with ya! I hate it when we go directly from winter to summer...spring is a must...please!

I'm so bad about sunscreen...but I'm coming around. I promise to do better. Thanks for the reminder!

Lori said...

Ha! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I will enter you in my giveaway.

My advice for thinking about adopting...PRAY. Money is a huge issue but there are lots of options including grants, fundraisers (tons of ways to do that), and simply trusting the Lord to provide.

I will be praying for you.

Oh, and never apologize for a long comment...I LOVE long comments! :)

the mommy. said...

Your pool rocks. I'm sure you'll be able to use it soon. It's cold and rainy here too-so not fair! But, the party doesn't begin until June 21st-the *official* first day of summer and the best day of the year because someone really rad has a birthday that day.


Sorry about your stitches-that's no bueno! Check out my new post on my blog-a tiny shout out to you over there. ;o)

Anonymous said...

What are those "things" on top of the water in the pool?