Thursday, June 18, 2009


We have lived in our house for two years and we have never really talked to our neighbors. We tried last year to "break the ice" but it didn't really help (remember this post, This Little Light of Mine? Ok, rereading that made me cry.). Anyway, so fast forward to the last couple of months. Jackson met the little boy next door, and they really seemed to have clicked. In fact, every SINGLE day they play together. Funny side note - we thought his name was Rhett and have called him that for 2 years. Nope, its Brett. I still can't get used to that. Anyhoo, so with Jackson playing with BRett, Julianna has gotten to know his little sister. Both of my kids have had the BEST time playing. Jackson was dressed and outside before I even got out of bed this morning!

I have a rule that they can only play outside. We weren't doing the whole go into each other's house thing. I didn't mind if they came here, but I for sure didn't want my kids going inside over there. Today, I started thinking about that though - thinking about MY childhood and MY summers with my friends. For a second, I felt like I had been punched in the guy. Was it not just like a few years ago that I was in my childhood? Playing ALL DAY LONG? It seems like it was literally just a few years ago. I did the math, and it was centuries decades ago. And by decadeS, I just mean two, thankyouverymuch. Or maybe three. GROAN. Anyway, it made me feel incredibly old. Then I started thinking about my rule - the no house thing. What if my parents had implemented that rule? I would have missed some of the best times.

So I may change my rule a little - I am not sure I am quite ready for my kids to play at someone elses house, but the kids are welcome to play at ours. They have been playing for a while now, and it is going great! I am so grateful that my kids have friends. What a fun summer we have to look forward to!

A funny story - the boys were drawing comics all morning on the front porch. Jackson mentioned that they were going to "sell" them. I laughed and said great idea. Well, I had NO clue he actually meant it. He came inside with $1.00 in quarters. I asked him where he got it, and he told me from the neighbor across the street! LOL! Crazy kid went across the street (thank God for the cul-de-sac) and sold his drawings! Can you imagine what the lady that bought them thought? hahahahhaha. Cracks me up thinking about it! Maybe he has a little Virgil (father in law) in him after all! I need to put that kid to work raising money to bring Jessica home! LOL!


Anonymous said...

My MIL doesn't really allow Ashlin/Austin in other people's home. They are 13 y/o. She has her reasons-and several.

When Mike was younger she WANTED all the kids at her house. She wanted it to be "the hang out", the "cool mom" and the place where they all wanted to have sleepovers. Jack/Debbie bought a freezer "for the kids" and it's there snacks for the and there buddies.

It was a great thing. Thinking about my future with Cameron..and my peanut on the way I WANT the kids to hang out at my house. Just think- you always know what they are up too..and a peace of mind hearing them playing games, sports, playing the pool and late night talks....knowing they are ALL your "cool" house.

:) should welcome other kids into your home, but ITA you not wanting your kids into there houses. I really would want to know the parents first-and very well! :)


mama love. said...

We don't allow our kids to go in to any of the houses of the kids on our street either. Heck, I hardly want them playing with them OUTSIDE, let alone inside. Unless we know a family extremely well, we don't allow our kids in a house. It sucks that it's that way, but things are different now then when we were kids. (How's that for making us feel old!)
I think it's great that you welcome kids in to your home-we're more comfortable that way, too.