Monday, March 31, 2008

How would you like your eggs?

Lately I have been entertaining the thought of donating (selling!) my eggs. No, not my Eggland's Best, my actual, personal eggs. I did a little research and I found that they pay like $7000, for an egg donation. WHAT? $7000? Count me in! I mean come on, you guys have seen my children. Who wouldn't want my eggs? Ya know? Anyway, so I did some research - the process isn't that bad. It takes like three months, self injections, and then the sedated retrieval. I can do that. Well, I researched a little more - turns out I am too old. TOO. FREAKIN. OLD. And apparently not smart enough. They like for people to have a college education. Duh, obviously that makes your eggs smarter. Can't you just see the little eggies in the ovary listening to lectures in World Lit? With their little pencils and paper taking notes? Seriously, why the crap does it matter if you have a degree? Whatever, apparently my eggs are fried anyway, or at the very least scrambled. I bet if I submitted pictures of my children they would make an exception. Really.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A little Jackson brag!

I have such a smart boy! I am researching curricula for next year. He is currently doing a kindergarten curriculum, although technically he wouldn't be in kindergarten until this coming fall. Well, he is really doing well. He is reading some short vowel words (like sun, dad, nut, etc...) and is really enjoying the science that we do. The math however is boring him to tears. So I decided to test him and see where he is in math. There is a pretty advanced math out called Singapore Math. It is harder than the other math curricula normally recommended. I used Singapore's placement test for first grade math and Jackson flew through it. He did very well. It wasn't even a real challenge for him. Some of the concepts were new to him, so I explained it once, and he got it right after that. I was pretty amazed that he is testing 2 years above his current age level. I did not give him the 2nd grade test, but now I am curious to see how he would do on that!

Anyway, just had to tell you all (the three of you that actually read this) what a genius my boy is. Must be the McElroy in him.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a craptacular day.

Absolutely craptacular.

On a lighter note, I lost 2 pounds. That scale better be glad. I seriously was going to throw it out the bathroom window otherwise. Operation Muffin Top, Day 2 was a success. I ate less today than I did yesterday. I didn't get to walk on the elliptical *yet* and I wont be doing it with my 22 pound weight on my back - he's gone to bed. I am, seriously I mean it, going to walk though.

A sweet story for you. We *think* spring is here (even if it is briefly)and my tots played outside for the majority of the day. So I fixed them lunch and took it out to them on the deck. If you know my children, you know that I have to put one on one side of the table and one on the other. So I did that, and came inside for a minute. I went back out there and Jackson had moved his plate and was sitting right beside Julianna.

So I asked him why he moved and all he said was because he wanted to. I asked him if it was to sit by Julianna and he said yea! Then she just laied her head over on him. I could have melted right there! Ah.. moments like these make me think I don't need my prozac anymore.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Operation Muffin Top, Day 1

So I turned over a new leaf, right after I polished off the rest of the Amish bread. I am GOING to lose weight. So I got up this morning and had a bowl of Special K for breakfast. It was quite tasty actually. I did have my ONE soda for the day already too. Then for lunch I had steamed veggies with soy sauce and water to drink (gah). Right before lunch however I walked on the elliptical for 10 minutes (which I know is not an incredibly long time, but come on, I could have walked for 2 minutes and it would have been a work out for me). Did I mention that I walked with my 22 pound baby strapped to my back? That has to count for something right?

I am going to be MAD if I get up in the morning and the scales still say the same thing.

And may I recommend something to anyone trying to lose weight - do not exercise while watching Paula Deen. I tried that today and it did NOT go well.

Oh and one more thing - I decided to "treat" myself with a Special K bar. So I go and get it, open it up, salivating along the way and it is like a midget Special K bar. I thought no way are they this small! So I get another one out to measure it to the midget one, and they aren't that small. My midget one is like 2 inches shorter than the rest. While this may not be a big deal to some, it is a huge big deal to someone who is  treating herself with a SPECIAL K BAR! I want the whole thing dang it. I am SO writing the company.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I need an intervention!

Seriously. I can't stop eating and drinking soda. My weight is creaping up and up. I am bigger now than I have ever been. I weigh 20 pounds more than I did when I got married.

What can I do? I am dead serious. I have got to stop it. Pretty soon I am going to start mooing. Ugh. I am so distraught over not being able to get it under control. I gotta go. I need a piece of Amish Friendship bread and a big fat Mt. Dew to console me. Yeah, shut up.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jameson's Birthday Letter...

Sweet baby Jameson. Just writing that brings a flood of emotions. It seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with you. Somehow a year has passed right before my eyes. Now I have this beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed angel in my life that I never thought I would have. Your start in life was a little rocky. You had to go to the hospital in Winston Salem when you were about 12 hours old. We all went too, because we couldn’t stand the thought of our baby being there alone. I discharged myself out of the hospital so I could go with you. Leaving you in the intensive care was the hardest thing I have ever done. You pulled through and got to come home nine days later. You were so tiny and so sweet. My heart literally ached for you. I was so paranoid for so long after we were home because I was worried that you weren’t ok. Seeing you now and thinking about you then – boy what a difference! You are celebrating your first birthday and you are doing so well! No one would ever guess you were five weeks early. You are so smart and so strong. I look into your eyes and I literally melt. You are the best surprise I have ever got.
You are really the easiest baby. You sleep well, and you play for a long time right by yourself. You love to watch Jack and Juju and you think they are hysterical. You laugh all the time. And you wear a constant smile. You are on the go 100% of the time. You are starting to “talk” more adding new sounds every day. You say baba, dada, gaga among other sounds. Of course, I am waiting so patiently for mama but it hasn’t come yet. You love patty cake and peek a boo. I have noticed the last few weeks that separation anxiety is in full swing. You only want mommy and you cry if I am not tending to you. I have to be honest, I love it. I love it that you only want me. You can be playing, totally happy and if I say, “Jameson, do you want booboos?” You start whining and crawl to me as fast as you can! I look forward to our second year of nursing! It melts my heart to know that you are a mommy’s boy. For now at least. I am sure it will be no time and you will have daddy wrapped around your finger just like Jackson. It will be superheroes and sports and you wont have time for mommy anymore. So I am going to soak up every kiss and hug and snuggle while I can!
Jameson you are such a blessing to us all. We love you so very much and it is hard to imagine our lives without you. I hope that as you grow older, you and Jackson will become best friends and you will build a bond together that no one can tear apart. I hope that all three of you grow up best friends, but I pray that you and your big brother will always have that special bond. Jackson really looks out for you now, and I pray that continues.
Well, big boy, I hope you have the best first birthday. I look so forward to your second year of life – you will be so much fun. Seeing you learn to walk and talk, I can hardly wait. And if you want to remain a mommy’s boy for now, mommy won’t complain a bit!
I love you my sweetest pea. Happy FIRST Birthday!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Little annoying phrases

Ok, can someone, anyone, explain the phase "cool beans" to me? I think that has to be the absolute stupidest thing to say. Ever. I mean really, cool beans? Cool beans! It is just dumb. How can beans be cool?

I also hate the word "style" as in, country style, southern style. That is why I can not eat at Cook Out. Their whole menu is like that - a chicken sandwich, cheese style. ACKKK. I could not bring myself to order if I had to use that word.

Fixins. Fixins? Shudder.

I've got a whole list of them. I wont ruin any more words for you though. And by you, I mean Tonya. The only person who actually reads my blog. God love her. Thats what sisters are for I guess. I guess really I could just email her these things...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We have been talking about science this week in school. Jackson seems to be really enjoying it. We went to the science museum yesterday. We didn't stay long, but I think Jackson could have stayed all day. We will definitely plan to go again soon. It is a little bit of a drive, but totally worth it. Then today in school we talked about the ear, nose, eyes and the tongue. We sat at the computer and looked at pictures of these things. He really showed an interest. He has been talking about wanting to become a policeman, but that maybe he will discover science instead! Julianna has been talking about being a "doctor girl" when she grows up. At the museum she flocked to the health section, so maybe that will be what she is interested in. Should be fairly easy to teach her that considering that is what I am interested in.

They are too funny. Jackson said he was going to put Juju in jail and she said she was going to give Jackson a "shock" (shot). I don't care what they grow up to be as long as they live within 5 miles of me, if not with me! haha!

Well, that is it for now.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sometimes you feel a little pink...

I have been toying with the idea to put pink chunks in my hair. Well, I got a wild hair (pun intended)this week and decided to do it. I went and bought the stuff and I officially have pink chunks. I have gotten a lot of different responses - most people think I am crazy, and I suppose they are right. I think the most comical remark was from my sweet Ol'mother, and I quote, "Grow up." Nice huh? Apparently dying your hair is something only those young heathens do. What next? Maybe I will really rebel and start listening to Elvis, that will show her. Jeez, it is 2008. Who the frick cares what you do with your hair? As long as I don't pull a Britney, I think I am in good shape. Besides, my kids think I am cool and they are who I really care about.

Another thing, I couldn't let Brad get all the attention by growing his hair out. Haha! Anyway, pink today. Tomorrow? Who knows? Maybe I will really annoy people and go with rainbow.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I just don't get it.

Does someone care to explain to me the fascination of Girl Scout cookies? For the last month all I have heard from a ton of different people was how great Girl Scout cookies are. Up until this week, I honestly don't think I have ever had any. After all the talk about them, I decided I had to have some. I got three different kind, being unsure which ones would be my favorite. I tried Samoas, Peanut Butter Patties and Lemonades. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I seriously don't get it. I mean they were ok, but come on, Lofthouse Sugar cookies (you know the ones with the thick icing and sprinkles) are WAY better. The Samoas were just nasty. Is the allure that they can only be bought once a year? You know we always want what we can't have? Do you all seriously think these cookies taste good? Maybe I am just weird. My husband on the other hand just finished off the Peanut Butter Patties. We have had them for 24 hours. I am pretty sure that is what he had for dinner. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Such a sweet girl...

Well, this is another post about Julianna. We had such a big day planned today. Gus came up from GA, we had Jackson's soccer game, we had to run some errands and at 2pm some friends were coming over for a little cake and ice cream to celebrate my big girl's birthday. Well, little miss priss had other plans. She woke up hurling. So we get her cleaned up and she was fine. She puked once more in the car on the way to get her cake. Ugh. So we came home and she was fine. Totally fine. She threw down on some Bojangles, had some cake and played. Well fast forward 10 hours and she wakes up hurling again. This time all over her and her bed. Nice bright green puke. Stupid birthday cake. So she is now cleaned up and in my bed chattering away. Sigh. It is almost 11pm and she has a second wind. I guess puking will do that for you. Does she not realize that we lose a precious hour of sleep tonight? Not to mention Jackson and Jameson will be up at O Dark Thirty? Guess not, why should she care, she is a McElroy after all. She will sleep half the day way tomorrow. I on the other hand will not sleep the day away - I will want to after sleeping with a leg thrown over me or an elbow in my back all night long minus a freakin hour. It will be ok. I am just praying to the precious Lord above that she doesn't decide today is the day she wants to start sharing with her brothers (or her parents!!).

I do think it is funny that she says "puke" while my five year old still says "pluke".

Oh one more thing. Last night we went to the Passion Play, which was awesome by the way. Jackson sat with me through the performance and Julianna went to the nursery. So when it was over, I went to get Juju and then we went back into the reach center. "Jesus" was still in there in full costume chatting to people. I wish I could have taken Julianna's picture when she saw him. It was like she saw Cinderella or something. She was floored! He walked by her and said bye, I thought she was going to explode. She was so excited "Jesus" said bye to her. It was so very sweet. I would love to be able to see Him the way she did. What an awesome feeling, huh?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh so dainty...

Two posts in one day - how about that. Anyway, this was too funny not to share. Julianna started gymnastics with Jackson recently. She loves it. So this past weekend my mom bought her the cutest little outfit to wear there. It is a little one piece with a little tule skirt. So I put it on her today with her little footless tights. She looked so adorable. Of course, being the mother that I am, I made her go sit down so I could take her picture(s). She sits down and I am snapping away. All of a sudden I hear this loud, manly fart come out of my sweet little princess. She looks and me and wrinkles up her nose and says, "Whats that smell like????" Umm, poo Julianna, poo.

Thats my girl.

Spiritual Warfare...

Funny little story about how Satan works. Our church is putting on a Passion Play starting this Friday night. It is a huge production complete with a cruxificion. Anyway, Brad has done a lot of advertising for the play in hopes to have as many people there as possible. We have a radio ad, a billboard, among other things. Well, it is working because the first weekend is completely sold out and the second weekend is almost sold out. So anyway, the billboard is on a major road here in town and I was driving down said road today. I look up to see our sign and it is gone. Not just our particular advertisement but the whole flippin sign. The entire billboard structure is laying in the grass. We had a wind storm last night and apparently, it took this billboard out. This particular street is lined with billboards - seriously, I wish I had a nickle for everyone. How many of them were knocked down by this windstorm? Just ours. How strong were the winds? It certainly wasn't hurriance force winds or anything. So it is crazy that our billboard with Jesus' face on it, advertising such a powerful play, is now lying on the ground - advertisement side down might I add. So I drive up in my driveway (I live pretty close to that particular street) and my cute little Easter signs are still standing nice and tall in my flower beds. My little signs that cost a buck from Walmart and are so small I could break them with my two hands, are still standing. Ah... the irony.

Satan is stupid. Does he really think that knocking out our billboard is going to keep people from coming to Christ this weekend? I don't think so. Besides, his timing is all off. THIS weekend is already sold out. We have this weekend covered. It is NEXT weekend that isn't. You better believe we will have that sign fixed way before then. I guess Satan never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed - just the most evil.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Man I missed my calling...

So this weekend we went to Charleston to celebrate Julianna's birthday with my mom and to see Matt and Stacey and the Cordray's. Matt and Stacey recently found out they are expecting our first (and quite possibly second!) niece or nephew. Not to mention that Matt has been out to sea for some time and he had not had the priviledge of meeting Little Jamey. So we packed up and headed out.

We celebrated on Saturday with my mom by taking the tots to this park in Charleston. It was awesome! We took a picnic lunch and had a great time. Then on Saturday evening we met the Cordray's and McCants' crew at Myabi's for dinner. So that was nice.

Now, Sunday was awesome! We met everyone at the same park that we went to on Saturday. We played for a while then we went to tour Matt's ship. It was awesome! It seemed to be the VIP tour - we saw it all. Jackson and Julianna even got to sit in the Captain's chair and wear his hat! Don't tell anyone that part though, it was on the DL. I was so intriqued by the ship, and so were the kids! I kept thinking man what a fun job! Matt even took us to his room, which is about the size of my laundry room. Three guys live in there! ACK! Anyway, funny thing, I was standing there looking around his room and I see pictures of family everywhere. I see tons of pictures of my kids (what a good uncle), pictures of their dogs, pictures of his parents, his mother and father in law, brother, sister, wife, friends - but no picture of his ONLY sister in law. So clearly he just doesn't have a picture of me. I *NEED* to be on that wall. How could he not want to be reminded of my face the six months he is out to sea? Well, I will fix that.

Anyway, we are gearing up for a busy week with the Passion Play starting, soccer starting, my inlaws and some friends coming up for the weekend, eye appointments, homeschool PE, gymnastics, etc... So I will update again soon.

A little welcome...

Well, I have decided to share my blog with everyone. Not sure that anyone would be interested but people love a train wreck right? So here it is... in all its glory. Our day to day...