Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am about to confess something. I have an unnatural fear of FROGS. What I mean to say is I am not just scared of them, I *hate* them. I know hate is a strong word, blah, blah, but seriously though, I hate them. I can't help it. It is a lifelong thing for me. Little ones, big ones, green ones, brown ones, I don't discriminate.

I didn't realize until recently that we are currently in the middle of frog mating season. Oh lord, I literally just shivered. Anyway, frog mating season + large pool = my own personal hell. All night, every night, all I hear are those stinkin frogs calling to each other. Brad gets up in the morning and goes out to work on the pool, and he always comes in telling me stories of frogs caught in the skimmer. Or, frogs mating out there. Is. He. Trying. To. Kill. Me?

Last night, Brad had to go outside to get something out of the car. He opened the front door and said, "Oh hey frog." All nonchalant like. I gasped and went running to the door. What did he mean? Why is he talking to a frog in the front of the house? All these thoughts were running through my head. I get to the door and low and behold - the nastiest, bumpiest, grossest, biggest FROG. On my front porch. Brad just walked by it like that was a completely normal thing to do. Freak. Anyway, I grabbed my camera and decided to try to conquer my fear, and take its picture. So I get down and start snapping pictures of it (him? He looked like a him. If it were a her, I feel terrible for her. So grotesque and bumpy...). Keep in mind that the storm door was between us - protecting me and him. I would have never been that close to a stupid frog without a glass barrier. So here he is, in all of his nastiness:

Just to let you know - I did NOT conquer my fear or cure my hatred. If anything those feeling became more intense. Those bumps! SHUDDER.


the mommy. said...

*shivers* I hate frogs, too. All reptiles actually. You are so brave!

Anonymous said...

I hardly see frogs around here but when it rains, I think it rains frogs. I have gotten where if I see one, I KICK it and watch it fly in the air. LOL.

Another story....I went to this River Landing the other night and it's all on the river. Anyway while walking we hear this noise and I'm like what is it and why can't I not see it?! Tana told me it was frogs. It sounded like they were mating or something or calling out. GROSS!


Tara Anderson said...

Sorry...I just read this and discovered your fear of frogs. I hope the nightmares from my post today don't last too long. :) I'll try to avoid all postings about amphibians from here on out.