Saturday, August 13, 2016


On Monday, we will start using the Time 4 Learning curriculum. I've spent the last couple of weeks setting up the accounts for the kids, taking a look at the curriculum, and deciding what assignments they will be doing.

So far, I really like it! It seems very easy to navigate. I do have to say that the games and cartoony lessons will definitely appeal to my younger two. I am not sure yet how my 13 year old will feel. He may be too "cool" for that. I really think he will be fine, but I would like to have him use it for a bit to see. I do need to invest in some ear buds for them because the sounds will certainly be disruptive to everyone else.

I am excited for them to get started! One, because they have been *slackers* this entire summer. Two, because I really think they will like it!

I will keep you posted!