Saturday, June 13, 2009


My kids don't call their grandparents by traditional grandparent-y names. No granny or gramps here - no! We have Gus and GiGi (Brad's parents), Bubba and Papa (my mom and step dad) and PeePaw and MeeMaw (my dad and step mom). Rest assure, each of those names has a story behind it. Maybe I will one day I will bore you share the stories with you.

Anyway, so the kids love when the grandparents visit. Last weekend Gus and GiGi came and this weekend, Bubba and Papa are here. So the kids have had a blast being spoiled loved on by two of the three sets of grandparents.

I love when they visit too because it gives me a chance to be lazy visit also. Tonight, my mom was giving the two little ones a bath and I hear them calling to me. I go in the bathroom and Anna tells me to look at her wedding dress - an entire can of soap foam. An. Entire. Can.

Bubba lets them do things their mommy would never let them do. LOL. They had the best time. Their bath water was literally thick. They had to drain it and get more just to wash.

And for what it's worth - my little boy was loving it just as much as his big sister! Look how cute he is! They all are - and I can hardly stand it!


Lori said...

Ha!! Your kids are super blessed to have such FUN grandparents! I love the wedding dress...I will have to remember that for my GRANDkids.

Darling pics...such cute little faces!

mama love. said...

What fun! Your children (and you!) are so blessed to have such loving, fun Grandparents! I wish my kids had the same. Enjoy time with your family!

Anonymous said...

I was seriously confused for a moment Michelle, because in our family, Bubba is the kids' name for Ken's dad! =D