Sunday, June 14, 2009


A friend of mine recently shared with me that she has been feeling really convicted lately about coupon fraud. I had *no* idea what she was talking about. I am fairly new to the whole coupon thing (crap, that reminds me I forgot to get a newspaper today!), so I hadn't really heard the term. She explained to me that sometimes if you have a coupon for say, Cheerios, and you bought Honey Nut Cheerios with that coupon, that would be coupon fraud. I actually laughed at her, and told her that was ridiculous. If the register scans the coupon and accepts it, then it totally counts! She told me that is what she told herself too, but no really, that is fraud. I was floored! Like I said, I am still so new at couponing, I didn't realize that people could get something that wasn't actually on the coupon itself. Apparently though, people have realized there is a way around this and are using coupons for things they shouldn't be.

Here is the article (blog?) Coupon Fraud.

After reading that, I can completely understand why my friend felt convicted. I will make sure from now on I pay more attention to the fine print!

I am curious to hear your thoughts! Would this bother you?


Lori said...

I've never heard it called "fraud" but I guess if you are trying to get something that you KNOW isn't part of the coupon deal, then that's a lie. Right? Or fraud...deceit...just plain wrong. But I'm sure there are many of us busy moms who use coupons without reading the fine print & accidentally buy the wrong thing. IDK..I'm not much on coupons. I tend to buy store brands so I can't use coupons on those...unless I tried to do it fraudulently, which I hadn't thought of until now! No, I wouldn't dare do that. :) I don't need something else to repent of!

Blondie said...

I am pretty much a rule follower. I use LOTS of coupons and the only thing I know about the bar codes is this: if it starts with a 5, it will double or triple; if it starts with a 9, it won't. That's it. All I know. At least before I read the article, that is!

(As an aside, I don't do the "use a BOGO coupon when it's already on sale BOGO" - that just makes my head hurt!!)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to hell...I won't even tell you what I do when I go to Walmart....and it has nothing to do with coupons!


Valerie said...

I find your voice through your blog uplifting, especially because you address regular mom type issues along with the deeper meaningful things. :-)
I was so happy to read your blog today ... I am so excited for your family to hear about your "announcement!"

It sounds like you have been living a similar life as me concerning adoption. If God leads my husband to ever open his heart as he has led your Brad it would certainly be a glorious day in my world and I would expect everyone to do cartwheels! It is SO encouraging to hear that He can and does move mountains. We wish you a wonderful journey that you are beginning to finding your daughter!