Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last year, Brad went to the Billy Graham museum with the senior adults in our church. He came home and told me all about it. He really enjoyed himself, and said he would love for us to be able to go back. Well, the senior adults wanted to go back, so they scheduled a trip for yesterday. We decided that our family would go too!

I wasn't sure what to expect. Honestly, I know who Billy Graham is, but I couldn't imagine a whole museum dedicated to him. I remember him from my childhood, because my MaMa loved him. I remember hating when he was on TV preaching because everyone would want to watch the program, except me.

So we get there, and I was blown away. It was a beautiful place. They had his childhood home moved there, it was in great condition and you could go inside. Then, there was this *huge* barn set up behind the house. In the barn was the actual museum. It was done so nicely. Each room was themed and set up like places he had been to. Like a big tent revival in LA, or like a concentration camp in Germany. They had many glass cases with memorabilia from his life - like a handwritten note from George W. Bush, Ruth Bell Graham's baby doll she played with as a child, and tons of other sweet things. I learned all about BG and his life. What a remarkable man - it said that 8 million people have come to know Jesus through his efforts. Amazing. I learned that Ruth Graham grew up in China! I really enjoyed it. They even had a cafe in the barn with fresh sandwiches and salads. It was beautiful. There was even an animotronic cow! For a second I thought I was was Disney World, LOL. Really, it did remind me of a Disney like experience. The way you were transformed and experienced things. It was awesome. In one room, they had this enormous cross and at the top was a real crown of thorns. It moved me to tears, honestly.

So if you are ever in the Charlotte, NC area, I recommend checking this place out. It is a great place to take children too. All three of my kids loved it, and want to go back. And it is completely FREE!

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Very cool! If I'm ever that way I will be sure to visit!