Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Heart Can't Take Much More.

Ever just feel so incredibly overwhelmed that all you want to do it cry? Hello. That is where I am. I keep passing kidney stones, so I had an ultrasound on Wednesday. I have several small stones in the right kidney and one big one in the left. Oh joy. This coming Tuesday I have to have an MRI of my head to check for aneurysms due to the constant head aches and the strong family history brain aneurysms. Oh goody. Then tonight, as I was putting Anna to bed, I found a small lump on the bottom of her foot. Convinced that is was foot cancer, I googled it and found nothing. The more I think about it, the more I think it may be a plantars wart. I am still worried to death about it.

I just feel like I can't process all of the what ifs. I feel so overwhelmed by all the health issues. I just want to go back to my neat little world where everyone is happy, healthy, and annoying the crap out of each other.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've been so impressed with Jackson

Jackson has really surprised me this month talking about the election - John McCain versus Arack Obama. He really seemed to understand a lot of it. I was so proud of him. So today, Brad takes the kids to Sonic, after homeschool PE, to get a treat. When they got home, Jackson was sitting at his table, eating his Sonic blast, and he told me about this guy they saw while they were getting their treats. He said, "Mom! I saw a guy at Sonic that was like the president." I asked him to repeat himself, because I was confused. So he said, "I saw a guy that was like the president of the United States of America. Except he wasn't the president. It think he must of been the president of somewhere else." So I asked Brad to explain to me what Jackson was trying to say. Gosh, I can't even type this without laughing. Brad said, "Oh. Yeah, he was black." hahahahhahaha. That was it. My child saw a black guy at Sonic and thought he must be a president somewhere because our new president is black. Good lord I need to get my children out of this town.

Hmmm strange things ARE afoot!

Maybe I am watching too much Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer, A Haunting, etc... because I am seriously off my rocker right now. Today, I was walking through my kitchen and a magnet flew off the refrigerator. I am not kidding. Not only did it fly off, it landed s few feet away. Weird right? So I called Brad, Mr. I Don't Believe in Ghosts, and told him the story. His explanation? He said that the change in the weather, you know, the pressure, made the magnet fall to the floor. Then, it bounced three feet. Hmmm... really? A MAGNET fell off the refrigerator? A MAGNET? How can that be? How can a magnet hurl itself off of a fridge? Ok, so whatever. I called my mom next and told her the story. Her explanation? She reminded me that a previous owner of my house had a 2 year old little boy drown in the pool in the back yard. Maybe it was the boy that threw it off the fridge? Maybe he was trying to get MY kids to play with him? ACKKKKKKKKKKK. I said a very ugly word and hung up on her. I like Brad's explanation way better.

So can you enlighten me? And if your answer involves something I can't not SEE, I will come to where you live and beat you up.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Praise Jesus!

This afternoon during school, Jackson and I were talking about the Shang Dynasty in China. He asked what a Dynasty was, and I told him what it was and to think of it like we think of our president. He said, "You mean Arack Obama?" (hehe). So I told him yeah, like that, even though BArack Obama wouldn't be our president until January. As we were finishing up, I told him that maybe we would get to visit China one day. He said he did not want to go to China. When I asked him why he said because of the traffic! hahaha! Anyway, he also told me that he did not want to adopt a new sister from there either. I asked him if he understood why I had a passion for children in China (all foreign countries really). He understood because the children didn't have mommies and daddies. I explained to him that, yes, that was apart of it, but not the only reason. I shared with him that children in China (specifically China because it was a part of our lesson) didn't have anyone to tell them about Jesus. I told him that China, as a country, worships a "god" named Buddha. I went on to tell him that Buddha was just a man that taught a lot of good lessons, but he was just that - a man. We, however, worship the one TRUE God, the only One on the thrown. He said, "We praise Jesus". I said that is right! I said a lot of people worship men who they think is god, but those men are all dead. Our God, is not dead. Our God is the only God who overcame death. I also explained the Word teaches us that Hell is a real place and that people that don't accept Jesus into their heart go to hell when they die. It may seem harsh to tell a five year old that, but he is a very mature five year old. I believe he needs to understand the truth. So I explained all of that to him. He looked up at me with the biggest tears in his eyes and said, "Mommy I want Jesus in my heart." I offered to pray with him, but told him he would have to pray the prayer to Jesus himself. He said ok, and he prayed that precious prayer right then and there. It was obvious that he truly meant those words, and he prayed the sweetest prayer right there in our school room. When he got done, I hugged him and told him that by praying that prayer, he was expected to live the life of a Christian now. So we talked a bit more, and then we came upstairs to call his daddy!

I am so very proud of my little guy. He is truly a sweet, thoughtful little fellow. He is so kind hearted. I am so proud of him it almost hurts! But more important than all of that, I am so happy that I get to spend eternity with my son in heaven!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Lesson for Today Kids...

Is don't put a feathered boa on a lamp shade. I'll tell you why - it will catch fire. It will make you think your whole house is about to explode. It will make you call 911. Here's the story: Today I cleaned Anna's room really well. I purged and it looks so nice. Well, when I got done I had this feathered boa that didn't have a home. So, I thought to myself, "Self, put it on the lamp! It will look so pretty when the light shines through it." So I did just that. Well, tonight I told Anna to go get her jammies on and get ready for bed. When I went in to tuck her in, I smelled something burning. It was not a faint smell either. It was slap you in the face and make you freak out smell. So I ran though the house like a mad woman smelling every room. It was definitely just her room. So I called Brad to come home. I was really getting scared. I did not want to put my kids to bed if my house was about to explode. Brad got here and started to investigate. I was literally seconds away from calling 911. Just as I was about to call, he found the source. The feathers on the lamp. When Julianna went in to get jammies, she turned on her lamp. When I went into say goodnight, she turned it off. So I never expected the lamp. The boa's feathers were totally burnt. So thankfully she turned the lamp off when she did. I don't know if it would have really caught fire if she left it on. It was only on for a few minutes. Skeery!

Brad so sweetly reminded me of the time I really did catch our apartment in Raleigh on fire by putting ashes from the fireplace in a plastic bucket on the balcony. The fire department actually had to come that time. There were actual flames! The fireman said if it had not of snowed that night, the building would have been gone! The moisture kept it from spreading. My bad.

So, I am hoping that I get more than three strikes before I am out. OMG! I am not kidding this commerical on tv just this very second is some guy singing "I don't want to set the world on fireeeeee!" Ack! Is it a sign???

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Posts in One Day.

Wanna hear how badly I need a break? It is a sad, sad story. On Thursday while I was running a couple of errands, I kept thinking how uncomfortable my right shoe was. I couldn't wait to get home and take them off. So, on Friday morning I had an appointment an hour away to get my van door fixed. When I put my shoes on, I made sure I loosened the laces on the right shoe, remembering how uncomfortable it was the day before. Anyway, I get over half way to my appointment and my shoe started to annoy me again. So I look down at my feet (yes I was driving) and I discovered the problem. I had on two completely different shoes. Yes, two different shoes. I was way too far from home to change, so I just wore them. They were both sneakers, but clearly two different sneakers. As if wearing them two days in a row wasn't enough, when I got home I went to my closet and I realized that I had put up the matching (or mismatching as it were) pair a couple of weeks ago when I cleaned up. So apparently, I have been wearing the mismatched ones for at least that long. Niccccceee.

I am so freakin cool, I can hardly stand myself.

Googly Eyes Are Not Your Friend.

This morning when I picked Julianna up from Sunday school, she come running out proudly showing off her little cow that she made in class. It was pretty cute and it even had these little googly eyes glued on. So later, while our guest speaker was giving the message, she leaned over to me and whispered that she pulled off one of the little googly eyes and wanted to know if I would glue back on when we got home. I took the little eye from her, put it in my bag and went back to listening to the message. Well, I would say 10 minutes passed, and all of a sudden, my sweet angel of a child, yells "I swallowed my cows EYEEEEEE!" all while clutching her throat like she was choking on a chicken bone. So I scoop her up and run out of the Reach Center with her. She is crying hysterically and I can't seem to calm her down. I knew the eye wasn't big enough to hurt her, but it sure scared her. The funny part was how dramatic she was over the whole thing. Seeing her clutch her throat as if she was dying was too much. So I finally get her to calm down enough to go back in. Every time I looked over at her, she would grab her throat and whimper. So after church, she looked up at me and said "Mom, guess what? The cows eye in my tummy is MOOOOOOing!"

That child is too much. Never a dull moment in my family!