Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have been thinking of ways to be more frugal lately. In light of our recent "announcement, I am thinking now is a good time to actually do it. I haven't sat down to really look at things that could be eliminated yet, but I plan too. However, I did start this morning when I was making my grocery list. Before I made my list, I did a quick kitchen inventory. I never do that before I go to the store. I just buy more stuff to shove in the freezer or pantry. I usually spend about $200 every two weeks at the grocery store, and figured it would be that much again. Well, after my inventory, I was shocked at all the stuff we already have. In my freezer alone there is enough food for at least a weeks worth of meals. My pantry has tons of can goods, rice, and pasta too! So I made a list of all the possible meals. I wont have to buy a single thing for dinner at the store. We are completely covered in that area. I still need the basics - milk, bread, cheese, but that wont be close to the $200 I have budgeted! I am so excited. My goal is to take the extra that we have and put it away.

We are really going to crack down around here. I am talking peanut butter sandwiches and beans. LOL! Seriously, my kids favorite meal consist of Ramen noodles and goldfish. I can handle that! I may have to buy stock in vitamins, but heck, it is cheaper right? Just kidding, but fortunately, my family is easy when it comes to eating cheaply. I can't wait to see the savings!

Now I will have to look at how we can cut back in other ways. We don't live extravagantly as it is, so it might be pretty hard. My "splurge" is coffee, but I am totally equipped to make it at home, so that will be ok. I don't get manicures or pedicures. I do all of our hair cutting/coloring, so that already saves money. I am not quite ready to give up my cell phone, but it may come to that too.

If anyone has any great tips, I am open to hearing them! Please share whatever you can!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a high cable bill, you know with all the 800 channels?

Opening windows...to cut back on AC...winter open blinds/curtains up to let the sunlight in to heat your home.

Making eating out once/twice a week-like Friday OR Saturday nights and maybe lunch after church on Sunday. Eat cheaper meals from time to time.

Sell stuff...I know you got stuff laying around that you say I don't wear this, we don't use this anymore....

Anything else I will let you know!


The Turner's said...

What an exciting time for you guys!!!

My tip:
We have no debt, but use the credit card for everything (this is not suggested if you are prone to impulse buying!)and get cash rewards for using the card! I just got $250 check this month and splurged on a table and chairs for the back yard.

Start really paying attention to prices and compare. I just went to Sams and saw that there are a lot of things cheaper there than at the grocery: carrots, pineapple, chips, meat, etc.

A great site that shows what you can get for free, or next to nothing, if you use coupons. Some people find coupon shopping really difficult, but I find it's easy if you use one of those little tabbed organizers that fit in your purse to keep them in.

Oh, I could go on all day.....

mama love. said...

Being frugal is hard sometimes, but when you're working towards a goal, it doesn't seem as hard. PLEASE don't get rid of your cell phone!! I'd miss texting you. I could always call since I prefer that anyway. LOL

I think what you're doing is great. The bulk of our spending is the grocery store, too. I'm happy when my fridge and pantry are full and I know my family will be well fed. It's easy to still eat healthy and be frugal.

We shop the grocery store ads. Sometimes we go to 3 different stores to get what we need, but it's worth it for the money we save.

Just promise me you won't give too much Ramen! It's packed with MSG. Not good. But we'll be frugal together. We're moving soon and our housing payment is going up a bit, so we have to tighten the belt a little!