Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To go or not to go?

Most of you know that I am in Orlando on vacation. We are having a blast. Well, Universal Studios has this Halloween thing called Halloween Horror Nights and I think I want to go. It looks pretty intense and honestly, I am skeered. I was feeling pretty balls-y until I got down here and started seeing the commercials. This years theme is Bloody Mary. The commercial on tv is a girl getting dressed at a vanity - she looks zombie-ish and she is putting blood on her lips. In her mirror is a normal looking guy looking into his mirror saying, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" when all of a sudden zombie girl breaks through his mirror screaming.

Why would I even entertain the thought of going to this? I am a scaredy cat for real. Have I lost my mind? My sister in law is coming down here for a few days and she actually agreed to go with me. Are we crazy? It looks so scarey! The entire Universal Studios theme park is transformed into multiple haunted houses and scare zones. Imagine a movie studio setting up a haunted house - how real it might seem. Now think of that times 6. Thats how many haunted houses they will have. Not to mention how scarey the scare zones will be.

I think I will end up wimping out. If only I could talk my man into going, so he could protect me (hahahahahaha). If you want to check it out, here ya go. Tell me what you think... http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando/index.html?ref

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A delicious little boy!

Look at this picture. Just stare at it for a moment. How flippin cute is he? I mean really. They don't get much cuter than this. I could just eat this little guy with a spoon. All he needs is a halo, little wings and a little harp - don't you think?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am a horrible mother.

Jackson has been growing his hair out for a little while now. It really has gotten pretty long. His bangs were about to his lip, but not quite long enough to tuck behind his ears. Well, I have been trying to teach him how to take care of it, and it has NOT gone well. All I wanted was for him to comb it, just comb it. He whined that he couldn't do it every time I reminded him . Well, today I had enough. It looked terrible, so I cut it. It actually looks really nice now. I did an awesome job (especially considering I went to nursing school, not cosmetology school). When I was finished he went in the bathroom to check it out. This would be when it, and you know what I mean by it, hit the fan. He *freaked* out. He was crying and carrying on like I scalped him. He didn't it want it that short, he wanted it long. He hollars, "I can't take it!", like I was torturing him somehow. He even told me he was going to pray to Jesus to help him. I sure hope he isn't expecting Jesus to replace it by morning. Anyway, it was quite dramatic here for a while. Remember that old show, Sanford and Son? He had one of those moments, "ELIZABETH, I am coming to join you ELIZABETH!" all while clutching his chest. Picture it, will ya? Anyway, he eventually calmed down. He said he wasn't mad at me (thank GOODNESS!). I gotta tell ya, if I had of known that was how he was going to act, I would have let him grow it to his toes before I cut it. Here is the before:

And here is the horrible, help me Jesus, haircut:

Oh, how I mistreat him. Please don't call Child Protective Services! I promise to never cut is hair again!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes.

So my not even 18 month old said "Holla" today. Ok, that makes me laugh out loud just typing it. Holla. He can't say daddy, but he can bust out, HOLLA! Oh lord, that is funny. My little girl says it too. I overheard her tell Jackson today, "I have more paint that you, HOLLA!" What have I done to them? Clearly it is my fault.

The other day Julianna and I were going somewhere and she told me to shut the freakin door. I gasped! Apparently they hear everything. I guess it is time for me to watch what I say. It is terrible that my three year old has a potty mouth already. She has never said an actual curse word, so that is good, I suppose. Although, at this rate, it wont be long. If she keeps it up, I am going to have to wash her mouth out with soap. Guess how many times I heard that as a kid? Lots, I tell you, lots. I don't think my mom actually ever followed through. Though it seems she should have. Holla!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I realized something today...

I am a friend of a friend. I am no one's original friend. I am always the acquaintance, never the true friend. I wonder why that is? Sure I have close friends of my own, but it seems most of the people I know, are friends only because of other people. I swear it is just like high school. Between facebook and myspace, it is like a freakin reunion. Somehow, it is like history repeats itself. So and so are great friends, and I know them both, so we are "friends" on facebook or myspace. However, honestly, they wouldn't notice if I deleted them.

You know, now that I think about it, I am not the original friend with my close friends either. I am the “friend”, never the best friend, or the first choice friend. I am the person that people seem to like being around, but I am not the person they tell their secrets too. Or the person they exchange Christmas gifts with.

Another example is blogs I follow - I read a ton of other people’s blogs, but I am fairly certain those people don't read mine. Everyone’s blog has a list of other blogs they follow – I am never on that list.

I am not saying all of this because it makes me sad, or whatever. I just think it is interesting that all of the people I stalk on the internet, they have no clue who I am, and even if they do know who I am, I am certain they don't care. For what it’s worth, I am totally ok with the role I play in other people’s lives.

Maybe I should start my own clique, make my own friends. Maybe I should try harder to be THE friend. The glue, if you will. The trunk of the tree instead of a leaf (yeah, I am currently not even a branch). A cool new clique that everyone wants to be a part of, that is what I will do. Maybe I could make fliers to hand out at the grocery store, or staple them to a telephone pole. Maybe I could hold auditions? The possibilities are endless. I am going to post an update to this post in two months. And for the three people that read this, if you are super nice to me, I might let you in my cool new group.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why We Homeschool...

I recently read an article that inspired me to blog about homeschooling. So many people we have encountered lately want to know *WHY* we homeschool. Like why on earth would we even have a desire to homeschool. So I thought I would blog about it, and maybe it would answer some questions. Of course, that would mean people would actually have to read this, and I doubt this site gets much traffic. Just in case though - here goes.

First and foremost we do it because we love being with our children. We actually enjoy their company. For some reason, that is shocking to a lot of people. It seems in today's world, people are constantly looking for an excuse to pawn their kids off on other people. At church, on the weekends, during the week. We are not those people. I don't have to tell most of you that we don't use babysitters, we don't leave our children in the nursery at church, and we don't send them to school. We actually want to BE with our kids. All of the time.

Another reason we have chosen to homeschool is because we want to make our religious convictions a central part of our curriculum. We integrate biblical history into our history lessons, we learn Christian character traits, and we learn how to live to please Jesus.

Also, we believe that the education our children would receive in public school would be far inferior to the education we can provide at this point in their lives. We can cater to their needs. We can teach them in ways that fit their individual learning styles. They aren't just a number at home. We have a genuine interest in their education and we are doing what we feel is best for that.

One more reason - our kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. They are so proud of the fact that they are homeschooled. Anytime someone asks what grade they are in, they say, "We're homeschooled!!!" Its awesome!

A lot of people wonder about socialization. It is a non issue, honestly. We participate in homeschool PE once a week, Jackson plays soccer, we are a part of a local homeschool group with 75 families, and we are very active at our church. So our kids are constantly around other children and adults.

There you have it. The reasons why WE homeschool. We love it and honestly can not FATHOM any other way!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello 1990, I have missed you.

Somehow, someway, I have stepped back in time - 18 years (gasp!). So I am sitting on the couch watching 90210 on TV, and trying to plan a trip to see New Kids on the Block in concert. I am dead serious. Completely dead serious.

What is wrong with me? Am I 15 again? No, not 15. 33. Thirty freakin three. Watching the remake of 90210 is making me realize how old, how old and fat I am. Praise God girls didn't look like that when I was in high school. At least Jennie Garth is back on, and she is older than me. Of course, she looks fabulous, and skinny. And fabulous. And young. But still older. Well big difference between now and 18 years ago, is they can say "puss" on air now. And I don't mean they are referring to a cat.

I am seriously trying to plan a trip to Charlotte to see New Kids on the Block in concert too. I am getting my tight rolled jeans, big (and I mean way big) bangs, and red lipstick ready. Yeah, I am hangin tough. Jealous?