Wednesday, January 27, 2010


...because really, who knows the time table here. However, I know several people that sent LOI's (letter of intent to adopt) last week and have gotten PA's (pre-approvals) this week. A couple of them in 6 days. Isn't that crazy? So technically, we could receive PA tomorrow (6 days). ACK! I have read a couple of blogs where people were DTC and traveled three months later. THREE MONTHS? Holy smokes! That is April! Can you imagine? I would just die from excitement.

Anyway, if I do receive PA tomorrow, I will post Jessica's pictures. Unless I find out I shouldn't. I know you guys are dying to see her though!!

So stay tuned! I am hoping for a speedy PA!!! Speaking of DTC (documents to China) though, I got am email tonight from my family coordinator, and she said we will be DTC on Friday. I hoped so, but I wasn't sure. WOO HOO. As soon as we are DTC, then we can begin the wait for LOA (Letter of Approval from China)!

I kept thinking during the paper chase, that paper chasing has to be the hardest part. OR waiting for a referral has to be the hardest part. Just not knowing what your child would look like or be like. Well, turns out I was wrong. Once you see your child's face, and not being able to RUN to China right then and there to pick her up - THAT is the hardest part!


Well, you know the rest of that right?? She had so many children, she didn't know what to do. Yeah, apparently, thats me! Hahaha! Sometimes I do feel incredibly out numbered. I would have to say though, most of the time, I have a firm handle on things. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, funny thing happened. Last week I went to the postal store to mail off some important adoption documents. It was in the middle of the day, and I had to take all three tots with me. No big deal, I often take them on errands. This particular postal store is like cat nip for kids though. There is something about it that makes them crazy. So I was trying to explain to the clerk what I needed (it was very involved. Overnighting there, return overnight label back to me, etc..) and my kids were flippin' out in the store. So I excused myself and called my kids over. I made the three of them sit in a line on the floor with their backs up against the counter. It was sad, but I was desperate for the clerk to understand me. He was so nice and helpful. I apologized for my rambuncious children and we got all of my stuff taken care of. He started telling me about his children, and how he understood that they can be nuts. I told him the reason I was there was to mail documents that we needed to bring our daughter home from China, so we were adding to the chaos! I also told him that our new daughter only speaks Mandarin so that would make things that much more interesting. Anyway, we wrapped it up and left.

So fast forward to this week. I was talking to my friend on Monday. She said she had to go to the postal store and was talking to the clerk. She said he started telling her about this mom that came in with her three kids and was actually adopting a little girl from China too. She said she started laughing and told him that I was her friend. HAHAHAHAHA.

Apparently, we left quite the impression. And I don't mean that in a good way. He must have thought I was crazy. LOL. I am still laughing thinking about it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was thinking I would go private, but you know what? That is exactly what Satan wants me to do. So, scratch that. I am not going private. If I did, people wouldn't get to see the wonderful things Jesus is doing in my life!

Sorry to be so wishy washy tonight. Thanks to all of you for all of the support.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I never thought I would have to write this post. I never imagined that there would be people out there that wouldn't be happy for us. Happy for her. Apparently, I was wrong.

Apparently, there are people out there that do not support us. And you know what? It is hurtful. It is incredibly hurtful. We have prayed on our face before Jesus. We have fasted. We have searched for God's will in His word. We have not taken a step forward without seeking HIS will for this journey.

You see, by prayer, fasting and searching His word, what we have discovered that adoption is Biblical. There are tons of specific scriptures that tell us to care for the orphan and the widow. We are doing what OUR Abba has commanded us to do.
So to our loved ones, friends, and family: I don't expect you to make the choices we have made. I don't expect you to agree or understand. You can't possibly know what the right decision is for our family. However, I hope that you are able to look past your own conflicts and see the bigger picture.

The bigger picture here is this - there is a little girl on the other side of the world that has no one to tuck her in tonight when she goes to bed. She has no one to kiss her tears when she falls and skins her knee. She has no one to teach her how to be a lady. She has no one to tell her that she matters. And most importantly, she has no one to tell her that her Savior came to this earth 2000 years ago. That he was crucified on the cross so that her sins would be forgiven. So that she may spend eternity in Heaven. But now? Now she has Hope. Hope for a family, hope for love, hope on becoming a strong, intelligent woman one day. Hope that she can spend eternity is the very Savior that came to save her.

So maybe it isn't the right choice for you, but it is the right choice for us. Maybe, just maybe you can put your selfishness aside and think about her. It's not about you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The day has come. The day that I have been preparing for since June. Tomorrow, I will overnight our dossier to our agency. Honestly, it almost feels like one of my children is leaving the nest. LOL. Seriously, it is very difficult to part with documents that have been my life for months. What if something happens to them once they leave my hands? What if Mr. Fed Ex spills his coke on them? Oh I can't even think of the what ifs. If I over think it, I will get in my car and drive my precious baby dossier all the way to McLean, VA myself.

I actually still need to get four documents authenticated by Hillary Clinton (haha, that still cracks me up) and by the Chinese Embassy. However, my agency is right outside of DC, so my coordinator has arranged to take those four documents into the Dept. of State and the Embassy in person. It will only take 5 days versus the month if we mailed them. So all of that to say, we will most likely be sending our documents to China on January 29th. Happy birthday to me! LOL! That may be the best gift I have EVER received!

I just want to give props to my Jesus here too. When we began this adventure seven months ago (almost to the day), we had NO clue where the money was coming from. Seriously, we had no clue. Well, I can tell you now that 100% of the financing up tp this point has been provided. Isn't that amazing??? Praise you Jesus!!


And because I can not relax, even for a minute, lol, I am moving on to the next "worry". As I said above, all of the financing up to this point has been handled. However, we are officially out of money. I mean OUT OF MONEY. Unfortunately, we are still quite a ways off. I have been thinking a lot lately about fundraising, etc... Here are my thoughts. Those of you that have been there, done that, can you share your thoughts with me regarding my ideas?

*Spaghetti (or something) dinner.
*Yard Sale - I have been collecting stuff for months.
*Ebay - I guess I am going to have to sell my beautiful Coach diaper bag. WAAAAAHHH!
*Get a job?

I am open to suggestions if anyone has more ideas! We still need to raise $25,000.00. Ok, seeing that written out makes me feel like I may vomit. But you know what? I am not taking my eyes off of Jesus. When Peter took his eyes off of Jesus, he started to sink. At the very beginning of this journey, I asked Brad if we were going to be a Peter and step out of the boat? We did step out. I am still going to be a Peter. I not taking my eyes off of my Abba. He will provide.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You all know my heart for the orphan, so this post should come as no surprise. However, today when I read a fellow blogger's post regarding the orphan, I was completely surprised by my emotions when I read it. It is real. It hits home. I hope it does for you as well. I am going to link her blog,A Place Called Simplicity , as well as copy the post here:

He showed me that His hand of grace had been extended for many, many, many years to the body of Christ - waiting for the church to rise up on behalf of the orphan. Grievously, in previous generations, the orphan has been largely ignored. Pretending they didn't exist. Even today there are thousands and thousands of pastors, leading churches, yet refusing to give attention to the plight of the orphan. Oh how God's heart grieves!! (And yes, one day they will be held accountable!)

My generation has ignored the orphan. They have turned a deaf ear to their cry. They are busy. They have their lives planned. They don't have time. Two children, preferably a boy and a girl - and whew! we're done!! And yet the orphans cry. Around the world they cry. Who will hear them? Who will rise up and be their advocate?? Who will do something?

My generation (and previous generations primarily had deaf ears) so God moved to the next generation. Remember hearing how Steven and MaryBeth Chapman's daughter, Emily, begged her parents to adopt?? There are countless other stories....tons....of kids hearing the cries of the orphan and begging their parents to adopt.
Yes, that was God stirring the next generation's heart. And so, some of the next generation heard the cry. They prayed and influenced their parents hearts. And today, many, many, many are beginning to hear the cry and do something!!! Anything!!

But God's prophetic word was clear. He is waiting for millions to rise up and do something. He is waiting and His hand of mercy will not be stayed forever. He will rise in judgment. He will rise on behalf of the orphan and judge us.

So what are we to do? We are to pray! We are to get on our knees and ask God to forgive our complacency. Our busyness. Our "we have things to do" attitude. We must ask Him to stay His hand of judgment. To extend His hand of grace while "we get this right".

Many could say, "but I can't adopt". Okay, but EVERYONE can pray for the orphan. EVERYONE can give for orphan care (people like Bill & Lynsay or Bernie and Bennet in India or Jess & Abby in Uganda or Katie in Uganda) or to help others who are adopting pay for their adoption. (As I am typing their names I am realizing that all those giving their lives for the orphan are from the next generation - yes! God indeed has stirred the hearts of the next generation!) If everyone waited till they had "extra" money....yeah, well, that means it would never happen. God didn't tell us to wait till we had some extra....He just said, "give".

Sometimes I know people wonder: What exactly should I pray on a day of Prayer?

Here's how I started my prayer time today:

~~forgiveness for not caring for the orphan as I should

~~God to open doors internationally for the orphan

~~God to move on behalf of the government officials in Canada NOW!!
~~that the government officials would bow to the authority of the King of Kings & Lord of Lords

~~move on the hearts of God's people around the world to begin to hear the cry of the orphan

~~move on government officials around the world)

~~give James and Cheremi grace & encouragement

~~set Kaysia and Ezekiel free

~~other families waiting - set their children free!

~~stay His hand of judgment until we get it right!

~~change selfish hearts to hearts of caring for the orphan

~~those longing to adopt that God would stir their unwilling spouse

~~and more stuff....

Linn over at A Place Called Simplicity
has been such a source of encouragement throughout our adoption journey. She is an amazing woman. I hope that you are blessed and challenged by her blog today (and everyday!!). And in the words of Linn, YIPPEE JESUS!!! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

We were approved yesterday! The same day as our fingerprinting appointment! I spoke with our officer just a bit ago. She is mailing out our letter today! WOO HOO!