Thursday, May 28, 2009


Wild Olive Tees

I've said it before, and I will say it again! Wild Olive Tees ROCK! When I posted about them before, you guys mentioned that they didn't have "big" (your words, not mine!)girl sizes. Well, they do now! Another thing, since my last Wild Olive plug, I have placed my own order. I am here to tell you, not only do the tees rock, but the customer service rocks even more!

Also this month they are donating a portion of the proceeds to Love Without Boundaries which is an awesome charity helping sweet children in China. It is no secret how burdened my heart is for the orphans in China. So, if there is a way to help them, I am all for it!

So go over and check out the cool t-shirts! They have a few new designs you wont want to miss. And if anyone wants to buy me one, I wear a size L, thankyouverymuch.


the mommy. said...

I heart Wild Olive Tee's.

Amie@WildOlive said...

Thanks for posting about Wild Olive Tees and displaying our button. You have been entered into our giveaway!