Saturday, March 8, 2008

Such a sweet girl...

Well, this is another post about Julianna. We had such a big day planned today. Gus came up from GA, we had Jackson's soccer game, we had to run some errands and at 2pm some friends were coming over for a little cake and ice cream to celebrate my big girl's birthday. Well, little miss priss had other plans. She woke up hurling. So we get her cleaned up and she was fine. She puked once more in the car on the way to get her cake. Ugh. So we came home and she was fine. Totally fine. She threw down on some Bojangles, had some cake and played. Well fast forward 10 hours and she wakes up hurling again. This time all over her and her bed. Nice bright green puke. Stupid birthday cake. So she is now cleaned up and in my bed chattering away. Sigh. It is almost 11pm and she has a second wind. I guess puking will do that for you. Does she not realize that we lose a precious hour of sleep tonight? Not to mention Jackson and Jameson will be up at O Dark Thirty? Guess not, why should she care, she is a McElroy after all. She will sleep half the day way tomorrow. I on the other hand will not sleep the day away - I will want to after sleeping with a leg thrown over me or an elbow in my back all night long minus a freakin hour. It will be ok. I am just praying to the precious Lord above that she doesn't decide today is the day she wants to start sharing with her brothers (or her parents!!).

I do think it is funny that she says "puke" while my five year old still says "pluke".

Oh one more thing. Last night we went to the Passion Play, which was awesome by the way. Jackson sat with me through the performance and Julianna went to the nursery. So when it was over, I went to get Juju and then we went back into the reach center. "Jesus" was still in there in full costume chatting to people. I wish I could have taken Julianna's picture when she saw him. It was like she saw Cinderella or something. She was floored! He walked by her and said bye, I thought she was going to explode. She was so excited "Jesus" said bye to her. It was so very sweet. I would love to be able to see Him the way she did. What an awesome feeling, huh?

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