Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sometimes you feel a little pink...

I have been toying with the idea to put pink chunks in my hair. Well, I got a wild hair (pun intended)this week and decided to do it. I went and bought the stuff and I officially have pink chunks. I have gotten a lot of different responses - most people think I am crazy, and I suppose they are right. I think the most comical remark was from my sweet Ol'mother, and I quote, "Grow up." Nice huh? Apparently dying your hair is something only those young heathens do. What next? Maybe I will really rebel and start listening to Elvis, that will show her. Jeez, it is 2008. Who the frick cares what you do with your hair? As long as I don't pull a Britney, I think I am in good shape. Besides, my kids think I am cool and they are who I really care about.

Another thing, I couldn't let Brad get all the attention by growing his hair out. Haha! Anyway, pink today. Tomorrow? Who knows? Maybe I will really annoy people and go with rainbow.

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