Sunday, March 23, 2008

Little annoying phrases

Ok, can someone, anyone, explain the phase "cool beans" to me? I think that has to be the absolute stupidest thing to say. Ever. I mean really, cool beans? Cool beans! It is just dumb. How can beans be cool?

I also hate the word "style" as in, country style, southern style. That is why I can not eat at Cook Out. Their whole menu is like that - a chicken sandwich, cheese style. ACKKK. I could not bring myself to order if I had to use that word.

Fixins. Fixins? Shudder.

I've got a whole list of them. I wont ruin any more words for you though. And by you, I mean Tonya. The only person who actually reads my blog. God love her. Thats what sisters are for I guess. I guess really I could just email her these things...


Chrissy said...

Hi, Michele! It's so neat to find your blog. You're doing a great job with it. I love the new pink hair (sorry, too lazy to go back to that post and comment there), but you left out the picture of Brad growing his hair out. Hope your Easter went well.

By the way, I do not mind if you link to my site, and if we're supposed to ask people before doing it, I may be in some sort of breach of etiquette. Oh well.

Keep up the blogging, you're doing a great job!

Michele said...

Thanks Chrissy!! I really never had the intention of sharing it, then I thought why not? Anyway thanks for checking it out.

Hope you had a great Easter! Enjoy your awesome weather. It is still cold here and I am so over it. Ugh. Anyway, have a good week!