Monday, March 31, 2008

How would you like your eggs?

Lately I have been entertaining the thought of donating (selling!) my eggs. No, not my Eggland's Best, my actual, personal eggs. I did a little research and I found that they pay like $7000, for an egg donation. WHAT? $7000? Count me in! I mean come on, you guys have seen my children. Who wouldn't want my eggs? Ya know? Anyway, so I did some research - the process isn't that bad. It takes like three months, self injections, and then the sedated retrieval. I can do that. Well, I researched a little more - turns out I am too old. TOO. FREAKIN. OLD. And apparently not smart enough. They like for people to have a college education. Duh, obviously that makes your eggs smarter. Can't you just see the little eggies in the ovary listening to lectures in World Lit? With their little pencils and paper taking notes? Seriously, why the crap does it matter if you have a degree? Whatever, apparently my eggs are fried anyway, or at the very least scrambled. I bet if I submitted pictures of my children they would make an exception. Really.

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