Monday, March 24, 2008

Jameson's Birthday Letter...

Sweet baby Jameson. Just writing that brings a flood of emotions. It seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with you. Somehow a year has passed right before my eyes. Now I have this beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed angel in my life that I never thought I would have. Your start in life was a little rocky. You had to go to the hospital in Winston Salem when you were about 12 hours old. We all went too, because we couldn’t stand the thought of our baby being there alone. I discharged myself out of the hospital so I could go with you. Leaving you in the intensive care was the hardest thing I have ever done. You pulled through and got to come home nine days later. You were so tiny and so sweet. My heart literally ached for you. I was so paranoid for so long after we were home because I was worried that you weren’t ok. Seeing you now and thinking about you then – boy what a difference! You are celebrating your first birthday and you are doing so well! No one would ever guess you were five weeks early. You are so smart and so strong. I look into your eyes and I literally melt. You are the best surprise I have ever got.
You are really the easiest baby. You sleep well, and you play for a long time right by yourself. You love to watch Jack and Juju and you think they are hysterical. You laugh all the time. And you wear a constant smile. You are on the go 100% of the time. You are starting to “talk” more adding new sounds every day. You say baba, dada, gaga among other sounds. Of course, I am waiting so patiently for mama but it hasn’t come yet. You love patty cake and peek a boo. I have noticed the last few weeks that separation anxiety is in full swing. You only want mommy and you cry if I am not tending to you. I have to be honest, I love it. I love it that you only want me. You can be playing, totally happy and if I say, “Jameson, do you want booboos?” You start whining and crawl to me as fast as you can! I look forward to our second year of nursing! It melts my heart to know that you are a mommy’s boy. For now at least. I am sure it will be no time and you will have daddy wrapped around your finger just like Jackson. It will be superheroes and sports and you wont have time for mommy anymore. So I am going to soak up every kiss and hug and snuggle while I can!
Jameson you are such a blessing to us all. We love you so very much and it is hard to imagine our lives without you. I hope that as you grow older, you and Jackson will become best friends and you will build a bond together that no one can tear apart. I hope that all three of you grow up best friends, but I pray that you and your big brother will always have that special bond. Jackson really looks out for you now, and I pray that continues.
Well, big boy, I hope you have the best first birthday. I look so forward to your second year of life – you will be so much fun. Seeing you learn to walk and talk, I can hardly wait. And if you want to remain a mommy’s boy for now, mommy won’t complain a bit!
I love you my sweetest pea. Happy FIRST Birthday!


Stacie said...

awww....Happy Birthday Jameson!

Bren said...

What a sweet letter! He's a cutie!

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