Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spiritual Warfare...

Funny little story about how Satan works. Our church is putting on a Passion Play starting this Friday night. It is a huge production complete with a cruxificion. Anyway, Brad has done a lot of advertising for the play in hopes to have as many people there as possible. We have a radio ad, a billboard, among other things. Well, it is working because the first weekend is completely sold out and the second weekend is almost sold out. So anyway, the billboard is on a major road here in town and I was driving down said road today. I look up to see our sign and it is gone. Not just our particular advertisement but the whole flippin sign. The entire billboard structure is laying in the grass. We had a wind storm last night and apparently, it took this billboard out. This particular street is lined with billboards - seriously, I wish I had a nickle for everyone. How many of them were knocked down by this windstorm? Just ours. How strong were the winds? It certainly wasn't hurriance force winds or anything. So it is crazy that our billboard with Jesus' face on it, advertising such a powerful play, is now lying on the ground - advertisement side down might I add. So I drive up in my driveway (I live pretty close to that particular street) and my cute little Easter signs are still standing nice and tall in my flower beds. My little signs that cost a buck from Walmart and are so small I could break them with my two hands, are still standing. Ah... the irony.

Satan is stupid. Does he really think that knocking out our billboard is going to keep people from coming to Christ this weekend? I don't think so. Besides, his timing is all off. THIS weekend is already sold out. We have this weekend covered. It is NEXT weekend that isn't. You better believe we will have that sign fixed way before then. I guess Satan never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed - just the most evil.

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