Saturday, March 29, 2008

A little Jackson brag!

I have such a smart boy! I am researching curricula for next year. He is currently doing a kindergarten curriculum, although technically he wouldn't be in kindergarten until this coming fall. Well, he is really doing well. He is reading some short vowel words (like sun, dad, nut, etc...) and is really enjoying the science that we do. The math however is boring him to tears. So I decided to test him and see where he is in math. There is a pretty advanced math out called Singapore Math. It is harder than the other math curricula normally recommended. I used Singapore's placement test for first grade math and Jackson flew through it. He did very well. It wasn't even a real challenge for him. Some of the concepts were new to him, so I explained it once, and he got it right after that. I was pretty amazed that he is testing 2 years above his current age level. I did not give him the 2nd grade test, but now I am curious to see how he would do on that!

Anyway, just had to tell you all (the three of you that actually read this) what a genius my boy is. Must be the McElroy in him.

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