Monday, March 3, 2008

Man I missed my calling...

So this weekend we went to Charleston to celebrate Julianna's birthday with my mom and to see Matt and Stacey and the Cordray's. Matt and Stacey recently found out they are expecting our first (and quite possibly second!) niece or nephew. Not to mention that Matt has been out to sea for some time and he had not had the priviledge of meeting Little Jamey. So we packed up and headed out.

We celebrated on Saturday with my mom by taking the tots to this park in Charleston. It was awesome! We took a picnic lunch and had a great time. Then on Saturday evening we met the Cordray's and McCants' crew at Myabi's for dinner. So that was nice.

Now, Sunday was awesome! We met everyone at the same park that we went to on Saturday. We played for a while then we went to tour Matt's ship. It was awesome! It seemed to be the VIP tour - we saw it all. Jackson and Julianna even got to sit in the Captain's chair and wear his hat! Don't tell anyone that part though, it was on the DL. I was so intriqued by the ship, and so were the kids! I kept thinking man what a fun job! Matt even took us to his room, which is about the size of my laundry room. Three guys live in there! ACK! Anyway, funny thing, I was standing there looking around his room and I see pictures of family everywhere. I see tons of pictures of my kids (what a good uncle), pictures of their dogs, pictures of his parents, his mother and father in law, brother, sister, wife, friends - but no picture of his ONLY sister in law. So clearly he just doesn't have a picture of me. I *NEED* to be on that wall. How could he not want to be reminded of my face the six months he is out to sea? Well, I will fix that.

Anyway, we are gearing up for a busy week with the Passion Play starting, soccer starting, my inlaws and some friends coming up for the weekend, eye appointments, homeschool PE, gymnastics, etc... So I will update again soon.

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