Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last post today, I promise!

I thought I would post some pictures to go with the trip reports. I will try to include those in the same post from now on... but anyway, here they are:

He's so cute.

So is she.

Sweet Jackson and a delicious baby girl in the background.

Keep in mind, the camera adds 10 pounds.

My sweet boy in a big boy bed (sniff, sniff!)


Blondie said...

And is that delicious baby in the background Asian, perhaps? Me thinks the lady has Chinese babies still on the brain...

Cute pics! Jameson looks so sweet in his big bed. *sigh* We are looking at mattresses for Will now. We will start with a mattress (full size) on the floor and buy furniture later. We did the whole toddler bed for Andrew, followed by twin bunk beds, and that just did not work out.

Enjoying the updates!!

Anonymous said...

Pictures are so sweet.

PS..didn't get a email this morning for blogs. ?


Haley said...

So cute!