Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I want to be more like Esther.

I started a new bible study last week called Esther: It's Tough being a Woman. All I can say it wow. Wow at the stuff God has revealed to me just over the course of a week and a half.

First of all - let me say, once again, how merciful and gracious He is. Most of you know about the health problems I have faced the last couple of months - the brain cavernoma and the huge kidney stone to be exact. Let me share a little praise with you. I went to the neurosurgeon right before Christmas and got a great report. Nothing needs to be done at this time for the cavernoma. Yippee Jesus. It probably has been there my whole life, and may never change. Of course, I believe in the All Powerful, All Knowing, HEALING Jesus, and I think it will not be there in two years when it needs to be rechecked. Most of you know that report, but what you don't know is my kidney stone "story". Check this out - it just proves what I was saying about that HEALING Jesus. I was told that I have (had!) a 6 millimeter stone in my left kidney and several small ones in the right. Just so you know, 6 millimeters sounds small but it is huge coming out of a ureter that is the size of a coffee stirrer straw. I had one that size in the past and I spent two days in the hospital. Anyway, my doctor said I could have surgery to remove the big stone if I wanted. I just couldn't deal with that at the time. He gave me the option to "pass it" on my own. So, that is what I planned to do. He loaded me up with medicine just in case and that was that. So I got my prescriptions for the pain meds filled (for the record, I haven't taken even one), just in case it decided to pass in the middle of the night or whatever. Ok, here is where the HEALING Jesus comes in (well, he was there the whole time, but here is where he comes in, in the story). So New Years day I said to my mom, "Hmm... I am feeling a little funny down there (and I pointed to my potty area, haha)." She asked me what I meant, and honestly I didn't know. It certainly wasn't pain, just an odd sensation. So I went to the potty, and guess what happened? That's right, JESUS happened! haha! I passed the 6mm stone. No pain, no discomfort, nothing. In fact, had I not been looking for it, I would have never known it happened. Isn't that amazing? Who can pass a huge kidney stone without pain? Anyone that puts their trust in Jesus, that's who!

Guys, seriously, that is just a couple of miracles that have happened in my life the last month. There are more that I am not ready to share, just yet. Just know that God is MOVING MOUNTAINS! I am humbled just thinking about it. What a precious Jesus I serve!

Ok, so back to the bible study. It is awesome. I am learning so much about a book in the bible that I never thought to read. I can't tell you the times God has spoken to me through this study in the last week. I recommend it, if you are looking to hear from God yourself!

Let me also say this - I am human. I get angry. I cuss (sometimes a lot). I am lazy. I have lots and lots of faults. But I am loved. I am forgiven. I am accepted. And you can be too! Yippee Jesus!

PS - I am saving all the kidney stones I pass and I am stoning my driveway. Haha! I feel like I am close to having enough.


Haley said...

That is so awesome! I love me some Jesus!

Blondie said...

Ain't God cool?

Fantastic about the kidney stone! I have to ask, though - was the previous kidney stone before or after you had kids? Once you've had a giant watermelon descend through your "potty area", a kidney stone through a coffee stirrer may not seem as bad!

I am interested in the Esther study. The only problem is that most area churches only have morning women's studies and their childcare doesn't go up to Andrew;s age. Bummer. I may just have to do it myself!