Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're here!!! Trip Report Number ONE!

Well, we are here. Praise the Lord! Actually, the trip down was totally uneventful. The kids were great. Seriously, 10+ hours in the car didn't phase them. They did ask, I don't know, about a katrillion times how much longer, but other than that, they were perfect.

So we got here yesterday afternoon and went straight to Epcot. We messed around for a while waiting for our return fast pass time to ride Test Track. When it was our time, we headed over very excited to ride! Funny thing, I decided to take my three year old sissy pants on it with me. Last year, she *wept* because she wasn't tall enough. So this year, we were so excited because she grew like 12 inches. Ok, not really, but it seemed that way. For those of you that haven't riden it, it is a "car" that puts you through a series of "tests", like they do real cars. So it is a little bumpy and a little fast and a lot of fun. Well, sissy pants was fine for the most part until the very end. At the end of the ride, your "car" goes outside on this "rode" type thing and you fly! They have the MPH thing that tells you that you are going like 60MPH or so. It is awesome. Anyway, that is when the screaming began. It didn't stop. For a long time. While Brad and Jackson rode, I had to take sissy pants to the store and buy her a toy to get her to finally stop streaming. Keep in mind that the ride is just fast - there are no loops, or drops. We actually drove 20 MPH faster in our real car to get to Disney, yet on this ride, she felt the need to stream.

Afterward Test Track, we went to do the new Kim Possible thing. They give you a "Kimmunicator" which looks exactly like a real cell phone. It communicates to you your "mission". You follow the instructions around the countries - it was fun! It is kind of like a scavenger hunt. Jackson *loved* it, and wanted to do another mission immediately. It was really time to go though, so we talked him into leaving by telling him we were going to our "hotel", which really isn't a hotel at all, but a house. They still call it a hotel for some reason though.

So, we left, got dinner and checked into our house. The house is awesome! It is four bedrooms, lots of space and a rockin heated pool and jacuzzi! It is great. We settled in and got ready for bed. It was at that moment that we realized our baby didn't have a crib. So I took one of the bedrooms apart literally. I moved some furniture and put the mattress on the floor. I layed down with him until he fell asleep. He did great! Maybe he is ready for his big boy bed when we get home. He is napping in there now, again no problems. So... we may have hit a milestone this week!

I will post another update in a bit. It is a good one... I am still laughing thinking about it!


Blondie said...

Glad you made it!

I can't wait until Will is tall enough for Test Track. I have no doubt roller-coaster boy will love it.

Hmm, a house. I have contemplated it many a time, but never followed through. I guess we just like the dining plan no-brainer for now. Maybe on day, though. Did you use All-Star homes?

That is so funny about the crib! Then I have to laugh - you mean you don't co-sleep? WHAT?!?!? I haven't had to think about a crib in soooo long. In fact, Andrea and Will picked it up last weekend! Buh-bye, crib!

Keep up the Disney blogging - it makes me happy! (you know, because everything is about making ME happy - NOT!)

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging...You know I read!



Haley said...

I wanna be there too!