Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day TWO!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but it is just funny and I don't want to wait. This morning, as we were heading out, we really didn't have a plan of action. We had to find a Wachovia so we could make a deposit, so that was first on the agenda. We took care of that and decided to head to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

When we first got there, a guy came up to us asking if we wanted to audition for American Idol. I laughed and pointed to Brad. Brad just shook his head no, and kept walking. I turned around and said to the guy working there that Brad is a music guy and he would be great. So the guy kind of followed us trying to talk Brad into it. He told us that he, himself, was a music director (really? Then why you workin at Disney, big guy?) and a lot of worship pastors come through and audition for fun. So, Brad said fine, he would do it. What was funny was the lovely shade of red his face had turned at this point. It is funny to me someone who performs in front of 400 people every week was all of a sudden "shy". Anyway, he took his ticket and we headed over to the audition area. Of course, I teased him the whole way. So we get there and he goes in. Lord what I would have done to have been in there. The kids and I park the stroller and wait for him to return. After a few minutes, it really wasn't long at all, he comes out. He said they told him that he "was too classically trained". I asked him what he sang, he said Amazing Grace. I am not sure why, but I thought it was hysterical. I asked him if they really told him that or did he get the "this is a pen, not a magic wand" comment. I would have needed oxygen from laughing so hard if he had of gotten the "I'm going to Hollywood ticket".

Otherwise, Hollywood Studios (forever MGM to me) sucked. A few things were closed, so there were long waits for everything else we did. Then it *poured*. So we left early and came back to the house to relax. That part of the day was awesome. Everyone slept but me and it was so nice and quiet.

Tonight we got Red Lobster take out. When I called to place the order I told the guy that I have never had crab legs before, but I wanted to try them. I asked him how I would eat them without a cracker dohicky. He told me he would give me one when I got there. So we pick the food up and come home - and sure enough, he put one of their nice metal cracker dohickies in the bag. Haha. It was funny. The crab legs were pretty good, but messy. A little too much work for me - and I felt like when I was done, I needed a shower. So, next time, I will probably stick to shrimp, which is too bad now that I have my very own nice cracker dohicky. It was fun to freak the kids out though, I think they had visions of Mr. Crab from Spongebob and were completely grossed out.

So that is day two. I realize I am not a good story teller - if you made it this far, thank you. haha!


Anonymous said...

I read it all.

I too think the same thing about crab legs. I love them but I make Mike do all the work..meanwhile his food is cold by the time he gets around to tasting it. :)


Blondie said...

Brad auditioning for AI at least they didn't tell him he was too old (which technically he is for the real thing, right? or is that a myth?)!!! Too bad you couldn't go in and record it for posterity.

Crab legs - funny that I just thought about those yesterday! I saw someone buying them at the grocery store. My first thought was that they are too much work for me!

Looking forward to day 3!

(Go look at my blog, if you haven't already, and tell me what it reminds you of!)

Haley said...

American Idol! OMG! I wish I could have seen his face!

Oh I love crab legs but I hate having to work so hard to eat them. LOL