Friday, January 16, 2009

Aww... I could cry!

Years and years ago my husband (back when he was romantic) wrote me a song. We were just dating at the time. I don't really remember how he gave it to me, or what the circumstances were, but I remember the sweetness of the gesture. I asked Brad if he remembered the occasion, and he said no. We are so sentimental, huh? Anyway, about a year after we were dating, we moved to Texas. We got married there, lived there for a while, then moved to NC. We were in NC for a like two weeks, moved again. Three months later, what did we do? That's right, we moved. So, I don't know, like 10 moves later - I couldn't find that sweet song. He had written it on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. It never occurred to me or him to put it on the computer and save it to a disk (a floppy no less). I have looked and looked for that envelope. For years. Also during that time, I lost our marriage license. I was sure that they were together - somewhere. It was like a little black cloud every time I remembered they were missing. How could I be such a horrible wife? Not only did I lose the one romantic gesture my sweet husband ever done for me, I lost our marriage license. How do you lose that? I was so afraid that they ended up in the trash somehow.

Ok, so fast forward to late 2008. I was organizing all of our photo albums (like eleventy bajillion of them) and I stumbled across a memory box type thing. Inside was our marriage license!!! I was so very excited! I began tearing through that box knowing I would find my song. I didn't. I thought, I could replace the license, but I could never replace that song handwritten on a sheet of notebook paper. Sadness washed over me. I really felt then that it just got thrown away.

Bare with me, I know I am dragging this out. Sorry. Anyway, so for the last few days, I have vowed that I was going to clean out our book shelves in the corner of our den. Today was the day - I meant business. So I get pull up a chair and start the process. When I pulled out one of my old nursing books, a few *old* pictures fell. I thought, gosh wonder what those are doing in there?? Then I got to thinking, if I stored things like that in this particular book, what treasures were stored in the many other books? Curious, I pull out all the books and flipped through them. Honestly, I wasn't even thinking about the song. I guess I had really given up hope of ever finding it. So I am flipping through the third book and guess what was in there? My sweet, sweet song. Perfectly stored, tucked away in that Renoir book for 10 years. I ran to show Brad that I wasn't quite the stone cold hearted wife he thought I was! I guess if I had known then that it was going to be the last romantic thing he ever done, I might would have been more careful! hahaha! I am just kidding!

So I immediately scanned it and my marriage license to save on my hard drive. I am also going to type the words up, and save the song that way too. Funny thing, Brad nor I could ever remember if we got married on the 2nd or the 3rd. We really didn't know. I guess when you get married in your apartment with no fan fare, if could be easy to forget. Anyway, wanna see my scans? I really am happy I found them both!


Stacey said...

HOLY CRAP!! I had NO IDEA that Brad could be so romantic and sweet! What a beautiful little song!

Blondie said...

Um, romance? What's that? It's a good thing that I'm not into romance, or Jeff and I would never have gotten married (16 years on March 27).

FYI - I have no idea where our marriage license is. If I ever had to prove it, I would have to go to Alabama and have them dig up a copy. Jeff swears that there is a copy here (somewhere), but I've never seen it!

Anonymous said...

For the record...I have NO idea where our marriage license is either.

Mike and I always kid around that maybe his Mom didn't actually have it processed. Could you image???

I have a box where I have stored all of Mike's things (letters, cute notes, etc). When we were dating (almost 10 years ago now too)..he used to make my lunch and put it in a plastic zip lock back, he had no idea that I kept them all cause he would always write notes on them (have a good day or I love you)....I have them all stored safely...but not a clue where my marriage l. is. I wonder if it's in that BOX???? Hmm...I might just have to get a chair and look up in my closet!! LOL!


Stacie said...

Very sweet! Who knew?

Anonymous said...

I just read the letter. I was wondering how everyone could see it, or if I was going blind. I clicked on it and it got bigger! :)

What a sweet letter. :) I bet Brad got luckly that night huh??!!


Haley said...

How sweet. I wish Adam was that romantic. At least you know Brad is capable even if it isn't often.