Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Trip Itinerary

We leave in 5 days! WOO HOO! I thought I would post our itinerary to share (for you Janna), but more so to organize myself. If you could not care less, do not read any further!

Tuesday: Feed the kids lunch and get on the road. Head to Savannah to have dinner with the in-laws. After dinner, we will head to Jacksonville to spend the night with Stacey and Matt.

Wednesday: Get up early and head to Orlando. When we get there, we will grab a quick lunch, then head to EPCOT! We will spend the rest of the day there. Then we will go check into the house we rented.

Thursday: Universal Studios.

Friday: Islands of Adventure. We will leave there around 3 to head back to the house to meet my parents! After we get them settled and visit for a bit, Brad and I are going on a date! We are going back to EPCOT to do grown up stuff! We are going to take our time seeing the countries, and just hang out. After that we are taking the monorail over to the Polynesian and are having dinner at 'Ohana.

Saturday: MY BIRTHDAY! We are getting up early and going to have breakfast at Chef Mickey's. The kids will really enjoy that - Mickey Mouse will be there! Then we are heading to Magic Kingdom. This trip we are trying something new. At 2, my mom, Julie and myself are taking the monorail over to the Grand Floridian for afternoon tea. Julianna is going to love it! Afterwards, we will head back to MG to pick up the boys and head back to the house for the evening. We will probably swim in the pool and just hang out.

Sunday: Animal Kingdom

Monday: Hollywood Studios (it will always be MGM to me).

Tuesday: EPCOT

Wednesday: My parents leave :( We will probably head back to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure

Thursday: Magic Kingdom

Friday: We are checking out. We have a lunch ressie at the new restaurant Downtown Disney called T-Rex! Can't wait. We will spend sometime hanging out, shopping. Then head back to Savannah.

Saturday: Head home!

So that is our plans. I thought about doing trip reports. We will see. I am so excited I could explode!


Meredith said...

I gave your blog an award!

Blondie said...

Let me know how T-Rex is. Andrew and I went in there, but I was a little apprehensive to eat there because of Will. I guess I am particularly interested in Jameson's reaction. Will doesn't scare easily, but even i may get freaked out if a dinosaur is constantly roaring during my meal!

Have fun and be careful! I do hope you will be blogging while there...(even if it is just for me and Stacie)!