Monday, July 5, 2010


We are approaching the one year anniversary of signing with America World. The one year anniversary of taking the biggest leap of faith we have ever taken. We never realized a year ago how difficult this journey would be. We also never realized a year ago how we would be changed along the way. 

Just last year this time, we had no idea how we were going to do this. We just knew we were suppose to, and the how would come later. Little did we know at the time, we weren't suppose to figure out how. My sweet Abba already had it planned out. He had it planned since the beginning of time. Our destiny. Her destiny.

In the beginning of July of 2009, we literally had $100 in the bank. Brad and I had a long talk about our finances and the financial aspect of adoption. Our check book, and absolute lack of savings, told us there was no way we could adopt. However, our Savior was telling us otherwise. Let me back up a bit by saying that in July 2009, we also had considerable credit card debt. So, putting any of fees/expenses on a credit card was not an option. Anyway, Brad and I decided before we even applied to our agency, that we had to have some rules regarding our money. We knew that having so much debt did not honor God. We felt so burdened by this debt for so long, we knew we had to work very hard to pay it off. The question was how in the world could we pay off our debt and pay for an adoption at the same time? 

After a long talk, we decided the best way to handle it was this - any money Brad "made", meaning any money that came in from his job, was designated to paying off our credit card(s). Then, any money that was "found", meaning any money that resulted from selling things, love gifts, etc.., was designated to paying for the adoption. We pressed forward with our new rule in place. We felt that this way, we were honoring God the best way we knew how - we were paying off our debt, and  were putting faith in Him that He would provide. 

We new that we needed to make better financial decisions as a family. We knew that life as we knew it, would drastically change. Our priorities changed. It was funny, around this same time we felt God leading us to increase our tithing. He commands us to tithe 10%, and boy were we hovering there. We began to really feel we were suppose to give Him more. So, the first step of our new plan was increase our monthly giving. We also began eating a lot of sandwiches and a whole lot of ramen noodles. It began to pay off, though. Literally within days of our new found financial "plan", we would begin to see God moving in ways that could only be Him. 

Over the course of months, we have paid our debt down quite a bit, and miraculously, every time we had to write a check for the adoption, it was there. There were times when we knew we would be needing to write a big check to America World and the money would come in, literally, hours before. Only God. 

So here we are in July 2010. A whole year has passed. I can not begin to tell you how many pigs and peanuts were sacrificed for us. I like to call this last year, "The Year of the Sandwich". We are different people now than we were then. We are changed in a way I never thought possible.

You see, we gave up a lot to get here and you know what? We survived. Not a single one of us died from not eating out. Yeah, there were times when I wanted to die. I thought I would die without P.F. Changs, but I didn't. Somewhere along the way, our hearts changed. We realized that "stuff" doesn't matter. Nice dinners out do not matter. What matters is the Heart of God. He truly is the Bread of Life. I am not trying to be hokey, it's true. 

One last thing before I close this already too long post... we are nearing the end of our adoption journey and are about to begin our journey as a family of SIX. As I prepare to write the final check, I am in awe. You want to know why? Because my Sweet Abba is still taking care of us. As of right now, were are about $3000 short. Three Thousand. That's it. Do I think He is going to provide the rest? You bet I do. He may not do it until the day I physically write that check, but He will. I know Him, He's my Daddy - He wont let me down. He never has. He really does move mountains.

**Sorry for the typos. It's midnight and I am tired. LOL. I intended to write something short and sweet. It just didn't work out that way.**


Tara Anderson said...

What an incredible story of God's faithfulness!!! It has been so amazing walking this journey with you (via the blog world!) and seeing the things God is doing in both of our lives...and it seems that the financial aspect (which I thought was going to be the big faith hurdle) has turned out to NOT be the biggest part of the growing process! But, oh learning to trust Him on a step-by-step basis is incredible!!! Thanks for sharing your testimony!

Tammy :) said...

Oh my goodness I am sobbing!! Thank you SO much for sharing this story with us. You have NO idea how I needed that right now. We are in the same boat you were in a year ago and we know that God wants us to adopt but like you, have no idea where to come up with the money or that last requirement of net worth for AWAA. We do not own our home and our cars are paid for but not worth much. But I have hope now reading your story! Thank you thank you thank you!! I know God is always faithful! He WILL take care of all this! May you be abundantly blessed and I cannot WAIT to see sweet pictures of your Willa in your arms! I will be praying for the entire situation and your journey! I would hug you right now if I were close enough even though I don't know you, I just feel this connection. Thank you again!!! God BLESS you!!!