Monday, July 5, 2010


We booked our flights today. I was a little stressed on Friday because I got an email from our agency at 11:30 or so, with an possible flight itinerary. The total fare, per person, was $3100! I about had heart failure. So after talking with AWAA, I decided to try to make my own flight arrangements. It became more and more stressful by the minute. Lots of flights were available going, but a lot were sold out coming home. I was beginning to panic a little. OK, a lot. So I sent an email to Todd Gallinek at The Travel Society. When I sent it, I really didn't expect a response. I heard that he was on a cruise. Well, I got an email back from him within hours. He offered me a couple of different options, and they were cheaper than anything I could find anywhere. He also told me that he was holding the flights until Tuesday, so no rush to decide. Whew. He called tonight to confirm and officially book. He even sent me seat assignments.  I would highly recommend him to other adoptive families, he knows the ins and outs.

He booked us on Cathay Pacific, which is based out of Hong Kong. We are stoked because each seat has it's own personal TV! That will surely make being in the air 16 hours more tolerable! Here is our itinerary:

We fly out in the morning of the 22nd. Our first layover is at JFK - I am super excited about this and I am hopeful we can see the Statue of Liberty from the plane. We fly from NYC to Hong Kong. From Hong Kong, it's on to Beijing. Same route on the way home.

I am super excited. OH! I also found out that another family in our travel group has a 5 year old traveling named Julianna! How cool, huh? Juju will be so excited to have someone her age there until we get Willa!


China Dreams said...

Congratulations, and thanks for the reference. I'm going to write his name down. You should be able to see the Lady as you fly in or fly out (depends which side of the plane you're on).

Tara Anderson said...

Whoo hoo!!! How exciting! I just LOVE seeing God at work!!!

TanyaLea said...

Congrats and SO glad you found a good travel agent to get the best price. Our tickets were over $8k to and from China (not counting in-country flights) but we didn't have a choice. It was simply the luck of the draw and we had an amazing travel agent, too. Otherwise the best price I could personally find for all 4 of us was about $13k...crazy! Praying God supplies all of your needs to get you there and back home again! He will see you through!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Janet and Kevin said...

I follow Jean's blog and got your post off of her's. God bless you as you travel to bring home your precious child.

Your post about "the beginning" spoke to my husband and me this evening as we are feeling led to adopt for a third time in three years. The first time we were able to pay off Philp's adoption expenses. The second time we had to finance Elijah's expense which we are still paying on, and now we are at the place you were when God called you into adoption with our debts high and our bank accounts low. Thanks for posting that particular post. It helped us see where our "help" comes from! :)

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah