Tuesday, July 13, 2010


After tonight, we will only have 8 more sleeps! I can't believe it is getting so close! I *think* I am all packed! All I have left to put in the suitcase is some oatmeal. Now, I am sure that you can get oatmeal in China, but can you get Dinosaur Egg oatmeal there? Doubtful. And considering my child will only eat that specific kind... well you see why it's needed.

I decided when I knew that I was traveling alone with Julianna, that I could only take two suitcases. I can only pack what I am able to handle alone. I started collecting things to pack a month or so ago. Over the last couple of weeks, I have packed and repacked those suitcases 100 times. Each time taking out something I felt sure I needed, but decided I really didn't. My priorities have changed, I guess. I had perfumed packed originally. Perfume? Why would I need perfume? Deodorant? Yes, not perfume. Anyway, I think I finally have it down to a science.

The whole time I have been packing/repacking, I have known about the weight limit for China in country flights. The weight limit is 44 pounds. So every time I think I have it just right, I go weigh the suitcases (with the ever so accurate weigh myself, then weigh myself while holding the suitcase, of course) only to find out I am a little over.  Well, I think I finally have it perfect. One is 41 pounds and one is 40 pounds.

Funny thing about the whole weight thing - Tonight, after I packed for the eleventy bajillionth, I checked the airlines website for something else, and stumbled across the baggage fees. 44 pounds free, anything over is charged a fine. The fine is 1.5% of the fare, per kilogram. So based on my calculations - my fare is around $150. If I went over by 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds, which is quite a lot actually), my fee would be around 47 RMB (Chinese currency), so less than $7.00 USD! HAHAHAHA! All the worrying and weighing and my fee is less than 7 bucks? Good grief.

I ended up putting the lock on one suitcase tonight as a deterrent from opening it again. LOL. I hope it works.

If the next week goes by as fast as this last week, before I know it, I will be on my way to my baby girl! Less than two weeks before I see her sweet little face!


Valerie and Jeff said...

Okay, I have been following along but I did not realize you were SO insanely close to travel! Oh my goodness! I am going to freak out here for you. I know you've been posting about your growing anxiety ... why I did not put the calendar together with it is beyond me. I am SO excited for you and cannot wait for photos and tales of your journey to Willa! Will you be posting during your trip? Or having someone post for you? Prayers over you as you travel!

Tara. said...

Wow, only 8 more sleeps?? That's crazy!

I thought of something, but you're smart, so maybe you already thought of this. Do you by chance have a baby sign language book? I wonder if it would be helpful with Willa to communicate with her. I think it would be great! Baby signs are easy to learn and remember and easy for them to pick up the words that go with the signs. Just a thought.

You're going to China!!!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Michelle, I know you're not worrying about suitcase weights today, but you are doing right by keeping it under b/c it is not so much paying the in-China luggage overage fees. Instead, it is the time it takes to go to the cashier at the airport and possibly miss your flight and/or have your luggage miss the flight. *sigh* This has happened more than once, so it is just best to not be over.

BTW, I don't know if you knew or not but our Li'l Dude was injured a few days before we got him and was taken to the hospital. We never got word, but he came to us with quite the gash on his forehead and six stitches! We were also told he spent the night in the hospital for observation. I wanted to share that just to say let's pray it is nothing serious and maybe Willa just took a fall like we were told our Li'l Dude did. He is barely five, so they are around the same age range.

(((BIG HUGS))) and prayers too.