Saturday, July 18, 2009

So check this out...

I know I keep saying that Jesus is providing, but let me just tell you how. First of all, another friend slipped me a check last weekend. The generosity of my friends is so very humbling. I am so grateful for people that genuinely care about us and our little girl.

So I told you that God had really met our needs. Well, a check came in the mail today that I was expecting. However, it was $1000 MORE than it was suppose to be. I double checked with the company and it is totally legit. It's OURS. They also confirmed that the other checks we are expecting will also be more than originally thought. Now, I can't guess how much extra they will have but it could be at least another $1000.

So let me run this down for you:

*Several friends have come forward donating money. And let me just say some of these friends are not even friends that I actually "talk" to. Some of these friends are friends of the past (thank you Janna and Mika!), some are internet friends (thank you Bethy and Tara), some are complete strangers (thank you guys too!).

*Random money coming in that we didn't know existed.

*Then God using that random money and multiplying it.

It has literally been a M*I*R*A*C*L*E. People that foolishly believe that Jesus doesn't perform miracles anymore, could not be more wrong. I never in a million years thought that he would take 5 loaves and 2 fish and turn them into a multitude for me. But that is exactly what He has done.

I am so grateful. And I can thank you guys all day long, but we all know who provided it. His heart is truly for the orphan. He said he would provide hope to the fatherless and he would put them in families. He meant it.

Let me also say this - if you feel a tiny inclination in your heart to adopt, but you are afraid. Don't be. Step out of the boat and follow Him. He will open doors and provide in a way YOU never saw possible. He will bless your journey and he will provide.

Besides, how could you no to this face?

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Tara. said...

Oh, you and your challenges! Adoption hadn't been on my mind for a while, but it's been back in full force the past week and now I read this. *sigh* I'm not ready to step out yet though. I know we should, but I can't. Yet. I'll just live vicariously through you!
That's SO awesome that He has turned people's hearts toward what He has willed for your family. This is just so exciting!