Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A blog that I frequently visit posted one of the most moving posts I have ever read yesterday. I will include a link. Please go and read it. Please.

Signs of Hope.

When you are done, I would love for you to come back here and share what you thought.


Valerie and Jeff said...

That post was so humbling! Even though my heart is in the right place at times ... too many times it stuggles with the materialism that is the norm. I want to help these children ... but without giving up any of the comforts of life.

When I actually see faces and individuals it exposes my selfishness and sinful nature. Hannah looks SO sad and pained ... oh my goodness she is thin. I pray that her heart can be repaired physically and spiritually. And that mine can be opened and freed.

Thank you Carrie so much for exposing the need.

Queen of Quite-a-Lot said...

Puts things in to perspective for sure. That was an amazing post-thank you for sharing!