Saturday, July 4, 2009


YAY! Jesus provided today! I am so excited! We received a surprise $965! It was literally an absolute miracle. Completely and utterly unexpected. I am in awe! Though, I guess when you pray for something, you shouldn't be surprised when He answers, huh?

So we are half way there in our homestudy fees! We only need another $1000 to get it scheduled! I am so grateful!

If any of you know a quick way to raise $1000 and would like to share, I'd be so grateful! Once we get our homestudy done, we can start applying for grants to help with the rest of the fees. So I am anxious to move forward! Plus! Each step is one step closer to my sweet Jessica!


Chasity said...

Congratulations on your blessing. I know Lori a JTM mom is using her God given talents to make items such as dresses, bags, ect, and another JTM mom a while back made hairbows. We had a garage sale and raised $650. I hope the $ comes in quickly so you can move forward with your paperwork. Many Blessings!

Beth said...

that made me smile

Tara. said...

That.Is.AWESOME! I'llbe praying for that other $1k to come in quickly!