Sunday, August 14, 2011


Apparently, the six years I have lived in a somewhat rural area of NC (actually becoming less and less rural every day!!) has shelter me. We do not have a mall, so it isn't very often that I go to one. Yesterday, I met my mom and step dad at a mall in Charlotte. They were in Charlotte visiting family, so I met them to spend the day.

We were walking around with my children, when we passed by Spencer's.

You know the store - it's the one in every mall with completely disgusting and inappropriate things.  I remember as a kid, I loved that store! It was the only store that sold gross things that kids think are hilarious - like fake poop or little flushing toilets. 

Apparently, the store has evolved. It appears to more of an adult store now. A nasty, sin filled store that wreaks of Satan.  It has been years since I have even been in one, but I can tell by the entrance they are not selling anything I need. I most certainly have never taken my children in there. 

Well, yesterday, we were passing by when I noticed their posters display. They typically sell posters and display them just inside the door. Usually the posters are of the latest heart throb (like the Biebs) or of the hottest summer movie.  Yesterday however, the posters were awful. 

The posters were of half naked girls and one poster was of said girls about to make out.  I was mortified. Fortunately, at that moment, my children were busy looking at other things. They did not notice them. However, all it would have taken was one glance. One general glance for that image to forever be burnt into their minds.  

Don't get me started on the fact that it is forever burnt into my mind. It could have easily been seen by my husband too. However, my concern is my children. Their innocence. 

When did it become acceptable for such sexually explicit images to be imposed on my children? When did it become ok for my babies innocence to be stolen by just a glance?

It grieves my heart so much that this is what my children are facing. On the way to Charlotte yesterday. was a billboard with girls in negligee's. On a huge billboard on interstate 77. How can I compete against the world this way on behalf of my children? Don't even get me started on the check out at any grocery store.

I can only pray daily that Jesus will protect their eyes, their ears, their minds. I pray for their innocence and for Jesus to protect it for as long as possible. And hope and pray that He returns for us quickly. I long for eternity with Him where sin doesn't exist. 

Oh, while it may not help, I did write a letter to Spencer's and the Mall. I shared with them that my family will not be returning to that mall until the posters are removed. I also told them that I will make it my personal mission to tell as many people as humanly possible, so they can also boycott the mall until the situation is corrected. If I don't fight for my children's innocence, who will?


Jennifer O'Cain said...

Michelle, I share your heart on this one. We rarely go to the mall because of stuff like this. Victoria's Secret is bad about this too. I think it is great to take a stand. What a battle we are fighting with sexuality these days.

Tara said...

We have to have so many conversations about things such as this. Most of me feels anger that my kids don't get to stay as naive as we did when we were kids, but I do look at it as an opportunity to discuss "worldly" issues, which I think is good.