Thursday, July 7, 2011


I mention in a previous post about emailing my agency asking them to give it to me straight. I actually got an email back that same day.

I was really encouraged by the email. I know it is very hard to remotely guess when we may receive a referral There truly are so many factors - our special needs list, our log in date, how many families are in the program, the lists that are coming from the CCCWA, etc... there is just no way of knowing.

My family coordinator did tell me that we are open to some things that not many other families are open to, so that does put us at an advantage. She also told me that based on my list and LID, there is a possibility of a match with each list that is released. However, she can not control what is released - how many kids, what their needs may be, etc. I totally get that.

She did say that while we could get matched at any time, it would probably be best to plan for the referral taking a little bit of time. Maybe later this year, into next even. Honestly, I am completely ok with that. "Into next" sounds like January or February. If February is my worst case timeline wise, then I have complete peace with that. In the grande scheme of things, that is only 7 months from now. If that would the case, we could still have Willa home this time next year.

I am choosing to look at this with a glass half full mentality. If the next year goes by as quickly as this past year, then my girl will be home before I know it. Also, it would just give me a chance to save more money. I simply have to bring my family with me when its time to travel. I simply have to. So, time is my friend.

One more thing. No matter what - my God is bigger than any of this. B.I.G.G.E.R. He is bigger than America World. He is bigger than the "list". He is bigger than the infamous CCCWA. He is bigger. He has a plan. He has ordained this from the beginning of time. He knows the day that phone will ring. He knows because HE planned it. If He if wants it to be today, nothing will stand in His way. If He wants it to be July 7, 2012, then I accept that too. His ways are perfect.

I have complete peace in that!

Now someone remind me of this right before the next list comes out, would ya? Great thanks! LOL!


Stephanie said...

So glad your agency is being supportive and also candid and honest with you. Time is your friend...and so is God. Both are on your side. I continue to pray God introduces you to Willa sooner rather than later.

The View From Here said...

Great post. I thought about you today and how difficult it is to wait and wait. I was reading my devotional "Morning and Evenings with Charles Spurgeon" and with today's reading I thought of you. It said " Where does the secret strength of faith lie ? It lies in the food it feeds on: for faith studies what the promise is."

It sounds like you are feeding on some good stuff and God is and will be faithful to complete His promise of a daughter in His timing. Hang in there and I am praying for you.


Kathy said...

That last comment was from me - kathy at

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Praying for you to have strength, waiting is so hard but you are doing the right thing thinking positive about it. I wish I had some magic words to make it all better but even though I've BTDT I know there is nothing I can say but I will pray!!

Tara Anderson said...

We may end up in Guangzhou together. :) Wouldn't that be AWESOME?!?! I'm going to try not to get my hopes up and keep praying that you make it to China BEFORE me! Love you!!!