Monday, July 11, 2011


I am already over it. Done. Let's move on.

I don't mind the weather, I like it in fact. I am just over the lack of schedule. My kids have been buck wild this summer. LOL. During the school year, I really try to limit TV, video games, and computer time - we call it "screen time".  We allow it in the mornings, because they get up so stinkin early.  Then everything is powered down and isn't allowed to come on again until 4. They usually watch until Brad comes home (a little after 5), then we have dinner. By that time it's bath and bed. That works great for us during the year.

But then there is summer. Despite my thoughts on screen time, without it, I would go bananas. I have tried so hard to limit it, but there comes a time usually around 10 am, that I need it. They need it. LOL! Ok, maybe I can make it past 10am, but for sure around 2, I am ready for them to sit down and chill out.

Jackson has things he is responsible for - summer reading and piano, but those things do not take up much time. Julianna does a little bit of summer reading, but not much, and she has not started an instrument yet. Fortunately, though, she will play quietly in her room for a while. Then there is Jameson, my wild child. Jameson is by far, the loudest child on the planet.

Because of the volume of that child, the others compete for their voice to be heard. LOL! For example - Jameson right now is singing to the top of his lungs, "Hosannah to the Son of David! Hosannah to the highhhhhhhh-estttttttt!" In response to that, Julianna is blaring Third Day on her cd player. All while Jackson is doing his piano time. Seriously, could there be more noise?

On the flipside, at least they are entertaining themselves. I can not count how many times a day I hear, "Mom? MOOOOOOMMMMM? Mommmmaaaa? MOMMMMMYYYY?", "Jackson looked at me!" "Jameson kicked me!", "Julianna! Get out of my room!" And the crying? Oh precious lord, the crying. At what age do children stop crying over every little thing? I can tell you, it isn't 6.

Oh, and they are eating me out of house and home. I thought to help keep my sanity, I would create a "snack drawer". In the snack drawer are various single servings of crap. Listen, I am trying to survive here. There is no time for healthy options. Anyway, they are allowed to chose a snack in the morning and in the afternoon without asking.  Can I tell you how pricey and involved that little idea has become? Of course, at least they aren't asking me for food eleventy bajillion times a day. They do however ask for candy eleventy bajillion times a day. Because what do buck wild children need? That's right, sugar.

Praise sweet Jesus! It's 4 o'clock! Yay for screen time!!

How many more days until school starts? Oh that's right, we homeschool. I don't have to wait for the public school calendar. Would I be a horrible mother to make them do school in July?


Stephanie said...

You crack me up. What a total riot to read. :)

Tara said...

Oh, I feel you, girl! My kids are driving me crazy for all the same reasons. The fighting and the bickering is about to drive me to drink! I definitely think it's lack of schedule. It's a double edged sword for me--I love the "freedom" when school it out, but they drive me crazy! lol

mommyof3 said...

Love it! I just told the girls "I think I will go ahead and start the school year!" Summer is crazy and I am ready to get back on schedule. Riley is right there with Jameson on the loud part. He never uses an inside voice, and the fighting and crying is off the wall. I so feel ya! Now add in moving and it is HORRIBLE!!!

Demetria Raper said...

Hi there!! i found you thru the wild olive tees blog...we're doing a fundraiser w/them as well! i've been following along with your story for a while now. i LOVED this was SOOO FUNNY!! we have alot of the same things going on over here at our house :). btw...we are also adopting a special needs baby girl from china!! ~~demetria

Kris said...

This is EXACT reason I can only do 2 kids (but then I'm old...since we started at old! LOL). 13 yr old (albeit only home for 3 months) complains about how loud my 4 yr old can scream (and she can be ear drum bursting loud), but I'll be darn that girl--while she doesn't believe me--sure can be loud with her "UNH?". Its a sound I was unfamiliar with until I met her...but she makes it ALL THE TIME and it could wake a sleeping baby its so dang loud. And the drama...whew...for a non-drama person...she wears me O-U-T. Sigh.

These are the reasons I could NOT home are stronger than me! :-)