Sunday, July 24, 2011


A couple of weeks ago my friend, Kelly,  emailed me to ask if I would be interested in t-shirts that I could sell to help raise adoption funds. It sounded great, so she put me in touch with this sweet lady named Kris.

Kris is an adoptive mom herself. When they were raising funds to complete their adoption, they had these really cool t-shirts made. The t-shirts turned out so cute and have a great message! Anyway, Kris' family brought their daughter home and had a ton of t-shirts left over. I am still so humbled by this - Kris offered me ALL of them! For free! Seriously, guys how awesome is that?

On Wednesday, when I arrived home from my trip, there was two giant boxes waiting for me! Once I got the kids to bed, I tore into them! I was so excited!

I seriously had never seen so many t-shirts in one place in my life! They were even cuter in person than in the photo Kris shared. Another sweet blessing was included in the boxes! Kris was very successful in making adorable hair clippies, and she gave me all of her left over stuff! A ton of them were already made, and she included tons of stuff to make more. It seems pretty easy and they are super cute. As soon as Julianna saw them, she said, "OH! Those are gorgeous!" She begged me to let her have all of them! LOL! 

So because of someone's generous spirit and incredible talent, we get to raise more money for our adoption. How cool is that? Provision people. Jesus' sweet provision! 

So here's the deal:

The front of the tee says:


The back of the tee says;

to FOLLOW the ONE who made ME

How cool is that?? The shirts come in pink with brown writing or in black with white writing. They also come in two different styles. There is a classic tee and a ladies fitted tee. 

Just as an FYI - the classic tee runs a little big and the ladies fitted tee runs about a size smaller than normal. So if you order the ladies fitted tee and you wear a large, get extra large. 

We will be selling the shirts for $12.00! That is a total steal! We are just hoping to sell as many as possible. The more we sell, the closer we are to sweet Willa.  It is our goal to sell ALL of them!  If you are willing, please help spread the word! 

Also, the tees seem to be pretty good quality. I washed and dried one just to see if it shrunk, and I can say it appears to not have shrunk at all! They are soft and so so cute! 

If you want to order one, email me at jackjujam @ yahoo dot com. In the email, please let me know which color choice, style (fitted or classic) and size. I will email you back to let you know if we have it available. 

The sizes come womens fitted - small to extra large. The classic unisex tee comes small - 2X large. I do have a few kid sizes, too. 

We will also be selling and making hair clippies to sell! 

These two photos are just a small sample of what could be done. There are a ton of color, size and flower choices!! We are also going to be making some felt flower clippies. They really are adorable! I will get better photos in the next couple of days.  The hair clips also are lined, with a non slip strip added. 

We will be selling the clippies for $3.00 each. 

We are really excited and hope that we are able to use this generous gift to help raise money for our adoption. Like I said, I will get better photos soon! I will also try to get some photos of my family wearing our iChose shirts, so you can see how cute they look on!

We have been so humbly blessed by the adoption community. I can not wait to get home with Willa and start paying it forward! I hope to be able to bless someone else the way we have been blessed!

Please let me know if you would like to order a tee or a clippy! If you are willing, spread the word! I can't wait to see how God will bless the sale of these tees and clippies!


Stephanie said...

How awesome is that?! What are the smallest one's you have? Do you have one that's like a 3T or 4T? Lemme know, K? I'll take a women's fitted large. :) Cha-ching!

Nicole said...

Ohhhhhh I love these! Sending you an email!

Ashley said...

Yes please tell us sizes so we know what to order. You know I will be getting at least one!!

TanyaLea said...

Awhh, MICHELLE!! What a GREAT blessing for your family! I love how this other family is "paying it forward" to help you bring your precious Willa home! God is good!!

I will take a size pink classic in Lg... it will be a great workout shirt and witness to those around me in the gym.

I'll wait to see the felt clippies you are making though, as I might get a couple for Khloe. Then I can pay you all at once. God bless!! <><


Tammy :) said...

Emailing you now! So fun! Still praying for sweet Willa. :)