Wednesday, June 29, 2011


First of all - I want to say thank you to everyone that left a kind comment! It means so much! And hello to the new people stopping in! Glad you are here!! Thanks guys!

We did not get a call on Monday night. Honestly, I have no clue when we will get a call. I did send an email to my coordinator at America World asking her to be brutally honest with me. What are we looking at here? Where am I on the list? Ok, I didn't ask that last question, but I wanted to. I will let you know what she says. Surely to the precious lord, we are getting close. Ya know? Dern.

Something else has been occupying my mind today.  Remember a while back I posted this post on spiritual warfare? It talked about how when you are doing a big thing for God, a lot of times you fall under attack? Um, yeah. We are so there. Let me share my last two weeks with you:

*weird skin rash
*terrifying breast lump
*fever blister
*a cold
*never ending menstrual cycle (in spite of being on the pill)
*kidney stone
*two very, very painful hemorrhoids (haven't had those since I was pregnant) - told you I am keeping it real here, folks.

All of that. In. Two. Weeks. Seriously?

Not to mention some issues that my poor hubby is struggling with - and his wife is falling apart with the most random list of illnesses. Poor guy is sure to have an ulcer. 

All of that *on top* of our ever so long, stressful adoption journey. Could it be coincidental? I think not. 

I can say that Iamthisclose to losing my marbles. Like I keep hearing sirens and I am for sure they are coming for me. They have a white jacket and a padded room with my name written all over it.  Of course, in a padded room, it wouldn't be as painful to sit. 


Stephanie said...

Oh, honey. What a disappointment. I just do not understand. And, I am so sorry. Sorry for not being matched (again!) and for being under attack. I will be praying for you...and for Willa to find you!!

Anonymous said...

hi--i just read your post on wearegraftedin. sorry for imposing here, but i want to encourage you. we had been in the adoption process for years, and decided on china's SN program, dodged bullets and spiritual warfare for the entire time. In April, our dossier was finally there, but we didn't get a call that monday or tuesday either. We were devastated, but Peace did come. Surprisingly, then that Friday we got a call! Listen to the confirmations and encouragements that the Lord gives you. After so long, it was amazing to be able to say "it was all real, God did tell us to do this, and His confirmations were true!"
hang in there--

Tara Anderson said...

The battle is real...but you have a bunch of warriors willing and READY to fight alongside you on their knees.

Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get matched (again). Your agency needs to buck up and tell you what the real deal is! In the meantime, God must be giving you enough to keep your mind busy (and your husband too!).

Thanks for sharing your story - gotta love the realness factor!!


Jerusha said...

Not a coincidence...the warfare is real. We've experienced it too. We were not matched the first month after we were DTC. I was looking at the shared list--the kids still not matched (on one of the yahoo groups)--out of curiosity, and saw our son's file. Very long and emotional story short, here we are. Not suggesting that everyone do that...just to say that God leads us perfectly and faithfully. His love is unwavering, even in our impatience and fear.