Sunday, June 26, 2011


As much as I am trying to not think about it... I can't stop thinking about it. It's that time of the month again. The list release from China. Tomorrow night, around 8pm, China will release the "list" of available children.  I have a love/hate relationship with this time of month. Love it for the excitement and hope, hate it for the disappointment and let down.

Things have been different this month though. I can't really put my finger on it, its just been different. I sort of have a renewed sense of hope. Our agency said that the longest anyone has waited in the Waiting Child Program is a year and a half. Clearly, our family excluded because it's been 2 years for us. I know we can't be counted in the averages, but regardless - it's still been a long time. We have to be close, right?

In the past, some agencies have "manipulated" the system to match the young, minor needs kids unethically. Because of that, agencies that were doing things the right way, lost out on chances to match their families with young kids (0-2) or minor needs kids. It wasn't fair, but there wasn't much that could be done. If you happened to be with those particular agencies, then you got matched super quickly. While some families wait and wait for matches. Now don't get me wrong, I believe that Jesus has hand picked my daughter for me, so regardless of people abusing the system, if my daughter had of been ready, nothing would have stopped us from finding her.  My point is it was an unfair advantage to the families with the agencies that were working ethically.

However, you can't continue to cheat the system and never get caught.  Last month, my agency emailed and said that there have been some issues with the list and other agencies. They didn't go into specifics and they didn't share which agencies were at fault (which I totally respect the way they handled it. They never once said anything bad about another agency.). They merely shared that there were some issues but they have and will continue to do things ethically and were not involved with whatever happened.  Anyway, I found out today that these agencies are on suspension from using the shared list. I don't know how long, but for sure for June.

All of that to say, that maybe now that the system is working the way it was intended again, the families that are waiting will find their children!

Interesting huh?

So if you are willing, will you please join us in prayer? This road has been long and so very hard. We are trying to be obedient to the calling that Jesus asked of us. Here are some specific requests if you would be willing:

1. That our baby girl, Willa is ON THAT LIST!
2. That her file would be accurate and up to date.
3. That when we see her face, we will know that she is the one we have been praying for and waiting on!
4. That no one else would be able to lock her file but America World for US!
5. She is being taken care of and is healthy while she waits.
6. The finances. Oh the finances. If she is indeed on the list, we will need $18,000+ in FOUR MONTHS (OK, that makes me physically nauseous).

If we get a call, I have to be honest, you all will probably hear me screaming. LOL. Please, please take a moment and lift our family up in prayer. None of this is possible without Jesus' favor and mercy.

Thank you! The next time I blog could be to sharing some good news!!


Jeff A. said...

Praying for your wait Michele! And I want to hear that scream all the way here to my house in Iowa, k?
And I might be mowing, so make sure it's good and loud. :-)
So thankful that you have the peace that your agency is not bending rules to match children first to their families but is acting justly as God would expect!
Can't wait to see her face!

Jeff A. said...

Whoops--that was actually from me, Valerie Almquist, not my husband, HA! Guess he is logged in right now. Wouldn't THAT be a kick to have him excited about someone being matched--heehee!
VALERIE (not Jeff who I'm logged in as)

Carrie said...

You have my prayers!!

Stephanie said...

I've gotcha covered in prayer, friend!

Tara Anderson said...

Praying for you and your Willa, my precious friend!!! I will lift up your specifics throughout the day.

It's so sad to know that others are abusing the system. We were with an ethical agency while waiting for Caden's match, and it was hard to see other families get matched while we were waiting. Thankfully, God had different plans and blew us away! :) Your girl will be a miracle, and completely worth the wait.

Lillie Family said...

Praying for you tonight. We are also eligible for a match this month and, luckily, with a a small ethical agency where we are the ONLY famliy with a LID for this month. So, hopefully, its a big list and we get matched!

I will be praying for you tonight and over the next few days. Please pray for us as well. I am terrified, excited, and everything else all in one feeling!!


Tara said...

You've been on my mind all day. I keep looking at my phone, hoping for a celebratory text from you!
I love you so much! ((hugs))

Shelley said...

Praying Michele! Hoping to see a big announcement soon!

Tiffany said...

I am praying you got good news and have been too busy to share it! We have a "Willa" waiting for us on the other side of the world as well...not a name you hear often so my ears perked up when I heard it and had to come check out this person with such good taste in names! Our Willajane is our 6th child but 3rd adoption from China so You could say we've been on this roller coater ride for awhile. We waited 2 1/2 yrs for our 1st daughter, hard so I will keep you in my prayers. Co,e visit us at our blog

Kelly said...

I read your post on WAGI. I love when the Lord uses everyday things to speak to our hearts. The adoption road can be so trying. We are in the process of our second. We have a daughter from China (2007) and are waiting for our referral from Korea.

I do hope you have now found your daughter and your "road" has a clearer ending. I would love to follow your journey.

Jerusha said...

Grace and peace to you as you wait. I'm here from WAGI. We are also a home schooling, Jesus-following family, and have been home 3 weeks with our 4th child, a son from China!