Sunday, June 5, 2011


It's hard not to think about my life this time last year.  We were anxiously waiting on travel approval to travel to China to bring Xiao Xiao home. I can't believe it's been almost a year. The pain of leaving Xiao Xiao behind is still very raw. I think about her and our time together every single day. I am so glad that her family is working to bring her home. I hope she doesn't have to wait much longer. I hope she is healthy enough to travel (last year, my doctor did not recommend allowing her to board a plane). I am so thankful that she is getting her happy ending. That sweet girl so deserves to be home already.

I've been thinking lately about our journey and how we've gotten to where we are today. I met Brad for the first time 12 years ago this month. TWELVE YEARS! June 1999 was such a sweet time for us. June 1999 is when "we" began. The very start of our journey as a family. Fast forward 10 years to June 2009 - we began our adoption journey. The start of becoming a family of six.  So the month of June has become very dear to me. 

I remember feeling like I would never meet a Godly man. I remember asking God why? Why did he not have a Godly man for me? Did he want me to be alone? Then He sent me Brad. In June. 

Then I remember feeling like we would never embark on our adoption journey. I remember asking God why? Why did he not want us to adopt? Then He changed my husband's heart and we embarked on our journey to Willa. In June.

So I have to ask Jesus, what does He have for me this June? Wouldn't it be SUH-WEET if He showed me my baby's face this June? It totally wouldn't surprise me!

I have Hope. 


Tara Anderson said...

I would SO love for you to see your little girl's face THIS June!!! :D

The Raudenbush Family said...

Sweet sister - keep the hope you have and know He will be faithful.

Ashley said...

Ah, I love that June means so much to you! Amazing! And keep that hope that you have. Also know that I will be yelling for joy when you get to see your little girl. As that song says, "Keep waiting. I'll be right on time."

Shelley said...

Praying for you...that this June will be magnificent! God knows exactly where your sweet girl is, when you will see her, and when she will come home. Aren't we thankful for a sovereign God? I can't wait to see the post telling us all that God has brought her to you! Praying it is very, very SOON!!!