Saturday, January 22, 2011


Brad gave me a cd a while ago with a bunch of new praise music he wants our church to do. I've listened to it a bunch, but it was not until recently that I actually listened to the words of this one song. It is powerful people. I mean so powerful, if I were not driving my car, I'd have to jump up with my hands raised to Jesus. Here are the lyrics...

by Jennie Lee Riddle and Crystal Yates © 2008

You find me in joy
You find me in sorrow
You’ve been seeking me today
You’ll be seeking me tomorrow
I find You in joy
I’ll find You in sorrow
I’ve been seeking You today
I’ll be seeking You tomorrow

King of this World
You're holding my hand
And as long as I hold on to You
I know I can stand

You find me in peace
You’ll find me in trouble
You will rescue me today
You will rescue me tomorrow
I find You in peace
I’ll find You in trouble
I will rest in You today
I will rest in You tomorrow

Because You’re here
I fear no evil
Because You’re here
The way is made straight
Because You’re here
There’s good for Your people
Because You’re here
Everything’s changed

Wow. That's good stuff. Everything's changed! Thank you Father!!

Here's the youtube video of the song, in case you want to hear it. It really is awesome!


melody said...

I had never heard of her before so I googled it and listened to it. Beautiful song and I will be downloading her other music.

Katy Brown said...

I love that song! I can't wait till the Praise Team does it. :)