Thursday, December 30, 2010


Therapy... in a sick sort of way. This week I have worked my hiney off cleaning and making piles to take to Good Will. You know what? It has felt awesome! My den looks so nice, my living room looks so nice, my kitchen looks so nice and the other rooms... yeah, well, I haven't gotten there yet. Tomorrow on the agenda is the kids closets. It shouldn't take long at all, because they aren't bad, I just want to weed through their clothes.  I know I should box up Jackson and Julianna's clothes for their younger siblings, but ugh. I just want to get rid of it all! LOL. The way I see it is there are 4 years between my boys and will most likely be 4 years between my girls - that's a long time to hang onto clothes. I know I need to though. I am just loving the feeling of dropping off at Good Will. LOL!

Another thing I want to talk about is grocery shopping. Over the course the last month or so, we have gotten into the habit of snacking rather than preparing actual meals. I am finding that my grocery bill is outrageous! I know that the stuff I am buying and the fact that my children are eating me out of house and home are the biggest contributing factors, but come on! My family (hubby included) wont eat a lot of great meals, like meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, beef stew, etc... They are so particular. There has to be a way to lower the grocery costs and prepare decent meals at the same time.  So... can anyone share  tips or recipes that may help?

I am getting control of my household! HAHA! Momma's on a mission! It feels good have Christmas behind us and moving on to a better, cleaner living!


Tara said...

It does feel so good to clean like that!

We've been in that snacky mode, too. We go to the grocery store every few days and spend way too much money. It's ridiculous. This week, I am getting back on track!
We're kinda strict with meals. They eat what we prepare because we don't do anything outrageous or gross. We do a lot of pasta, we do breakfast for dinner often which is always a hit. John cooks most of the meals, so I am definitely not going to complain about that!
I hope you find some great meals that everyone will enjoy!

Tara Anderson said...

Wanna come organize my house? :) We have a post-Christmas mass of WAY too many toys that I need to go through! Maybe this post will be my motivation!