Monday, December 13, 2010


So remember last Monday I posted about spiritual warfare and how I felt we were under attack? Um yeah. So let me give you the run down of my week:

* I got sick, started running a fever.
* We went for our adoption physicals including having blood work done. Well, they forgot (even though I told them as they were drawing it) to do the HIV and Hepatitis test on both of us. So we had to go back and have more blood work done.
*Went to Walmart to get two money orders to get our SBI clearances done. They printed one money order, and the machine broke. I had to have two.
*Got into a senseless argument with my mom.
*Julianna got sick with what I had.
*Jameson got sick, vomiting.
*Got the bill for Brad's root canals - it's $400.00 more than we thought.
*Our dryer broke.
*Jackson almost flooded our bathroom.
*Jackson did not turn off the shower, so when I turned on the water for Julianna's bath, I got drenched. So now, I am soaking wet and so are the rugs. Keep in mind my dryer is broken.
*Brad gets an oil change and finds out he needs two new tires.
*It snows and we can't have church. So the kids do not get to do their Christmas musical that my parents drove over 4 hours to see.
*My parents had to leave early because of the snow. So our Christmas visit was cut short.

I think that's it for now. Hopefully, for a while. Isn't that crazy? I mean COME ON. I am mostly just concerned about the financial aspect of it all. It worries me. What does this mean for our adoption?  We are trying so hard to save money, but every time we get a little bit saved, something big happens. We do still have the money that was gifted to us, so at least there is money to pay for our homestudy update and stuff, and I guess for now, that is all that matters.

Sorry to be so whiny. I don't mean to be. In the chaos, there have been many blessings too. When we went to get fingerprinted for the SBI clearances, the lady didn't charge us. It would have been $24. So that was nice. My stepdad gave us $500 for Christmas, so that was awesome! We had an awesome friend come over today to pick up our dryer to drop it off for us at the repair place - we couldn't have done it without him (nevermind his truck got stuck in our yard and it took him and Brad pushing and me gunning it to get it up the driveway! LOL. At least it provided a little comic relief!). So even though it seems like our world is falling apart around us, I realize there is still so so so much to be thankful for.  The timing of all of our "events" was a blessing in and of itself. So, I am thankful for that.

I am just ready for a break. Something warm and tropical would be nice.


mommyof3 said...

Michele, I have always been told if things around you are going crazy, you must be in God's will. Satan is fighting but remember God is on your side. I am trying to remember the same thing in our situation. We just have to hold our head up high and give him all the glory. Glad we could help you guys out. We love you and are praying for you.

Tara said...

Oh goodness. You are having a rough week! I'm so sorry. When it rains, it pours, huh? We're going through some stuff too and it's just tough!

Praying for everyone's safety and health. Satan is trying to trick you in to thinking that this is all wrong, whispering in your ear, making you doubt what you know in your heart. But God's voice is louder, it's just harder to hear sometimes. I'll be praying for reassurance and clarity from Him for you.

Call me/text me anytime! I'm here to listen. Love you!! xoxo

Kathy said...

Praying for you !!!! Seriously !!
It has to get better.