Friday, June 4, 2010


I saw this picture on the internet today and it literally hit me upside the head.

Lord, please let my Hope be closer than she appears. Right now, she seems worlds away. Honestly, she may as well be. I did talk to my agency today and she said that as long as my travel approval comes by June 21st (totally a possibility) we could probably leave with the July 8th group. If it does not come by the 21st, there is another group leaving around July 29th. So at least there is a couple of dates in mind. A couple of dates that are just next month. When I say it that way, next month, it doesn't sound so bad. If I had to say August, UGH - that would make me feel sick. Actually the thought of leaving July 29th makes me feel sick, but at least it's still in July. I am just praying for July 8th.

On the other hand... July 8th? Holy crap that is so soon! I can feel panic rising up in me thinking about that. That is less than 5 weeks from now! It is just scary no matter how you look at it. I think if we had the finances squared away, I could relax a little more. However, at this point, we are still short $5000.

If we leave in July, I just don't see how we can come up with that kind of money in such a short amount of time. I am actually starting to get nervous about that. You know what though? When we started this journey, I asked Brad if we were going to be too afraid to step out of the boat... or if we were going to be a Peter and focus on Jesus and trust him. We chose to step out of the boat. I guess right now I am still being a Peter, my lack of faith is causing me to sink. I need to once again fix my eyes on Him. He will not let us sink. He will take care of us and provide. I just have to trust that.

For now, I will just think about that picture - I will hope and pray that Hope is closer than she appears.


Beth said...

I so wish I had the financial ability to lessen your worries right now, but with Ayden's next surgery looming on July 9th..........I just don't have any extra to give. I know God will provide for is what He does. You know this journey is from Him and therefore He will make handle all the details. I cannot wait to hear about Miss Willa and to meet her.

Sammy said...

Hi! Our Article 5 was issued 5/20. We are hoping we can travel July 2. The countdown has REALLy began. I packed my kid's clothes today that are staying home and trying to do some deep cleaning. : - )