Saturday, June 26, 2010


You would think with travel literally just days away, I would be more productive. Yeah, I have made the lists, but that is where my productivity has ended. LOL. I seriously have been a bum. I blame my bestie - she came for a visit and I was the worst hostess ever. We seriously did nothing but sit around and watch the game show network all day, everyday. Now, I can't seem to break out of that lazy streak. It's all her fault (lol!). That's my story and I am sticking to it.

It still seems so unreal. In my mind, this trip has always been "planned" but it's hard to believe it's just around the corner. I also think I am trying not to get my hopes up about traveling on the 8th. I have tried to explain to Julianna that we will be leaving soon, and bless her little heart, she just doesn't get it. I guess she is like me, we have talked about this for so long, the thought of it being so close is hard to comprehend. Once I know our travel dates for sure, I will make her a paper chain. I think she will like that, and it will help her wrap her mind around our departure.

Jackson is upset because he doesn't want us to leave on his "half birthday". LOL! I tried to explain to him that his "half birthday" is not really a special day. He is too funny. Of course, now he is trying to rip my heart out because he keeps saying he really wants to go also. I wish with all of my heart that he could.

Jameson seems indifferent. Obviously, he doesn't understand, but he did tell me when I go to China he will cry. He wont. I will. I will be a basket case. I have never, ever, left them for an overnight. Much less 16 over nights. I am trying to prepare myself now, but I cry when I leave Brad to go to South Carolina for the weekend.  Leaving Brad, Jackson and Jameson? Oh lord.

Well, I will update when we hear back from my agency! Hopefully Monday! Keep praying! Please!


Tara Anderson said...

Praying for you and ALL the little details surrounding your trip! I can't believe it's time!!! Whoo hoo!!!

roomforatleastonemore said...

Michelle, I'm so excited you now have TRAVEL DATES! You are going to CHINA!!! I didn't realize our boys shared names and I LOVE the spelling of Jameson. ;) BTW, I just love Willa's name too. I remember you asking on RQ about it and she just looks like a Willa. Love the name and I know you cannot wait to finally meet her.

Will continue prayers for your family.