Monday, June 14, 2010


Of course, some would argue, that I have already lost it. But that is neither here nor there. Anyway, this wait for travel approval may drive me to drink. I was fine waiting my "2-6 weeks", however, a few people on the RQ message board with dates later than mine, received theirs on Friday. So now I am a nervous wreck. Seriously. I feel like at any point in time, I may vomit. I keep taking deep breaths, but they aren't helping.

Maybe I wouldn't be so crazy if the time line was different (I said MAYBE). If we get TA this week, we are much more likely to travel with the July 8th group. If we don't, it will most likely be late July before we can leave. LATE JULY. Late, I am seriously going to puke, July.

Will you please take just a moment to lift up a prayer for us? I know that Jesus has perfect timing. I trust His timing. But I also knows he gives us the desires of heart. Please just pray for us, would you?


Wife of the Pres. said...

Already praying that it comes this week. They can come any day but our two both came in on Wednesdays! There is a lot of hope for this week!!!

Tara Anderson said...

Praying for you!!! The timeline is hard...especially watching others pass you up. I know you're like me and ready for it to be over and done and your child to be in your arms! Hugs my precious friend!!!

China Dreams said...

Nothing will make you crazy faster than watching that RQ site-it may provide some good information at times, but I think it creates more anxiety than anything. Do yourself a favor and don't check it out for a week. See if your stress level doesn't go down!

Also, we had to wait from June until October to travel because our son was in Beijing and they were hosting the Olympics, then the Paralympics, then celebrating their October holiday. So we got our referral June 8 and didn't fly out until October 10. I'm sure you'll go quicker than that, but no matter what the wait, it is worth it!

Sammy said...

Don't puke. I know how you feel though. CA are now booked up to July 20. I was just told. My A-5 was issued May 20, arrived @ CCAA 25th. and was told today my TA was in the mail. Maybe you TA was signed before the Dragon Boat Festival that is the first part of this week.