Wednesday, January 27, 2010


...because really, who knows the time table here. However, I know several people that sent LOI's (letter of intent to adopt) last week and have gotten PA's (pre-approvals) this week. A couple of them in 6 days. Isn't that crazy? So technically, we could receive PA tomorrow (6 days). ACK! I have read a couple of blogs where people were DTC and traveled three months later. THREE MONTHS? Holy smokes! That is April! Can you imagine? I would just die from excitement.

Anyway, if I do receive PA tomorrow, I will post Jessica's pictures. Unless I find out I shouldn't. I know you guys are dying to see her though!!

So stay tuned! I am hoping for a speedy PA!!! Speaking of DTC (documents to China) though, I got am email tonight from my family coordinator, and she said we will be DTC on Friday. I hoped so, but I wasn't sure. WOO HOO. As soon as we are DTC, then we can begin the wait for LOA (Letter of Approval from China)!

I kept thinking during the paper chase, that paper chasing has to be the hardest part. OR waiting for a referral has to be the hardest part. Just not knowing what your child would look like or be like. Well, turns out I was wrong. Once you see your child's face, and not being able to RUN to China right then and there to pick her up - THAT is the hardest part!


Tara. said...

Wow, all the lingo. I'm glad you gave me a tutorial. LOL
I'm SO excited for y'all! I'd be giddy with excitement for you if you got a.... Oh. PA. :D

TanyaLea said...

HOW did I miss the referral post!? Oh seriously, I am SO, SO, SO happy for you!! Can't wait until you can share her sweet face on here! For me, it seems like your process has been so fast...but I know from where you stand, it feels entirely different. The paperwork can be so daunting at times, but to have your REFERRAL already...WOW! SO elated for your family! But I do know EXACTLY what you are saying about how hard the wait is when you know who your daughter is and where she resides, and you still have to WAIT to bring her home. That is really, really hard, I know! It feels so good to be on the downhill slope, soon to meet our daughter and have her HOME. We can't wait to travel, but have much to keep us busy until then. Praying your PA comes next week...we got ours in just 1 week, too!! AND you will be DTC already...SO exciting!!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya