Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Clearly, I have OCD. I will pick something and research it to death. I have covered Jessica'a province, her special need, backpacks (she needs one, ya know), etc... My current OCD topic is travel.

Obviously, the big question is when? However, the bigger question for me right now is who will be traveling? Originally, I was insistent that my whole family was going. It was (is) very important to me that they are all there for their new sister. In an ideal world, of course we would all travel. I am learning though, that all of us traveling is not going to be possible. First of all, we are no where near having the money needed for all of us to go. Secondly, we are just wondering if it would just be easier if they all stay home. I know with three, soon to be four, kids, easy is typically not a word we use to describe our situation. We are used to things not being easy, and we usually don't shy away from things others may consider difficult. However, Jackson is a homebody. I mean a real homebody. He is also the most likely to not go with the flow. I really think he would be miserable in China. Jameson is pretty easy, but he is a total momma's boy. I think he would have a very difficult time with all the attention Jessica will get. Julianna would be very easy and very excited to be there, but I can't take her if I leave the others behind. So, what to do, what to do?

Brad and I have talked extensively about this. I think we have decided that I will go and he will stay home with the kids. It isn't ideal, but we aren't comfortable leaving them without one of us for 2+ weeks. We never leave them, not even to go to dinner alone. So it seems incredibly unfair to just leave them for 2 weeks.

So I am going to China alone. As in all by myself. As in solo. For 2 weeks. Am I freakin out? Not yet. Will I? Probably so. LOL. If anyone wants to go as my travel companion, let me know! LOL. I wont hold my breath.


terias said...

Awww, I hate for you to go by yourself! That said, I cannot do a 2 week trip to China! Can I contribute to a "send Michele's mom to China fund?"

Kathy said...

You are brave, but you will do fine. We had two families travel solo and we all pitched in and helped them. Your travel group will be like a family to you and you will also have the guides to help out. The airports were very easy to maneuver too. Not sure how old Jessica is - can't wait to hear more about her !!

Tara. said...

Through your agency, is it possible for someone to accompany her to the US and y'all go meet her wherever they fly in? That would be ideal, only having to travel somewhere in the US.

If not, is there someone you trust to take with you? A sibling, a family friend... me?? ;o) I hate the thought of you going alone. :o(

Valerie and Jeff said...

Ya know that scene in Shrek where the donkey has his hand raised and he's jumping up and down to be picked? Okay, that's me. Pick me! Pick me! Man, that would be SUCH a neat trip! Of course we've never met (ha!) and two weeks away from the kids ... well, I don't go anywhere without them much like you ... so it's not going to happen. :-( But I wish either your husband or mom could go with you. It will be such a incredible time for you all to bond and to support one another through the unknown. I think about the hurdles you might face through the child's grieving (since she is older) and just getting to know this little person, and traveling in a whole different country! It would be great to have a back up to lean on. That being said, even if you do travel "alone" God will go with you for sure! I hope it all irons out though and that your hubby can go too, so it's a journey for the two of you in a physical way as well.
Can't wait to find out more about Jessica when you can share!

Tara Anderson said...

Andrew and I have decided not to take our three with us to China...mostly due to the financial side of it...and whether or not he'll be going is still up in the air. I know how you're feeling just thinking about going alone! Of course, I would love it if we could travel together but something tells me that you'll be travelling at least a few months before me!

bakinchick said...

Hey Michelle --

I am currently keeping my friend's son for three weeks while she and her husband are in Russia to adopt! We've been able to talk to them most days, and even though they really wanted him to go with them -- it has definitely turned out for the best in their case. Lots of heavy emotional/stress going on in court proceedings.

If you get to go with an adoptive group, that could be really cool! I think that is what happened when the Watkins went to pick up their daughter.


Blondie said...

I'm with Stacie...I would love to go with you, but I can't swing two weeks! While I have left Andrew for close to two weeks, I haven't left both of them for more than a couple of days. It will work out!