Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The day has come. The day that I have been preparing for since June. Tomorrow, I will overnight our dossier to our agency. Honestly, it almost feels like one of my children is leaving the nest. LOL. Seriously, it is very difficult to part with documents that have been my life for months. What if something happens to them once they leave my hands? What if Mr. Fed Ex spills his coke on them? Oh I can't even think of the what ifs. If I over think it, I will get in my car and drive my precious baby dossier all the way to McLean, VA myself.

I actually still need to get four documents authenticated by Hillary Clinton (haha, that still cracks me up) and by the Chinese Embassy. However, my agency is right outside of DC, so my coordinator has arranged to take those four documents into the Dept. of State and the Embassy in person. It will only take 5 days versus the month if we mailed them. So all of that to say, we will most likely be sending our documents to China on January 29th. Happy birthday to me! LOL! That may be the best gift I have EVER received!

I just want to give props to my Jesus here too. When we began this adventure seven months ago (almost to the day), we had NO clue where the money was coming from. Seriously, we had no clue. Well, I can tell you now that 100% of the financing up tp this point has been provided. Isn't that amazing??? Praise you Jesus!!


And because I can not relax, even for a minute, lol, I am moving on to the next "worry". As I said above, all of the financing up to this point has been handled. However, we are officially out of money. I mean OUT OF MONEY. Unfortunately, we are still quite a ways off. I have been thinking a lot lately about fundraising, etc... Here are my thoughts. Those of you that have been there, done that, can you share your thoughts with me regarding my ideas?

*Spaghetti (or something) dinner.
*Yard Sale - I have been collecting stuff for months.
*Ebay - I guess I am going to have to sell my beautiful Coach diaper bag. WAAAAAHHH!
*Get a job?

I am open to suggestions if anyone has more ideas! We still need to raise $25,000.00. Ok, seeing that written out makes me feel like I may vomit. But you know what? I am not taking my eyes off of Jesus. When Peter took his eyes off of Jesus, he started to sink. At the very beginning of this journey, I asked Brad if we were going to be a Peter and step out of the boat? We did step out. I am still going to be a Peter. I not taking my eyes off of my Abba. He will provide.


Blondie said...

$25, almost makes me want to vomit seeing it written out! I will try to support whatever you do. (except the coffee...switched to Keurig...sorry!)

Tara. said...

If I had $25,000 I'd give it to you. I would. I want to see the dreams of your heart come true in the worst way. Jesus will provide a way, I know He will!

TanyaLea said...

I wish I could give you fundraising advice, as we are still needing to raise funds ourselves. Not exactly sure 'where' it's coming from, but I'm trusting that the Lord will provide and see us through. Easier said than done, I know. But it really shouldn't be! I so want to KEEP MY EYES ON JESUS at ALL times!!

I remember turning over that big ol' packet. Since I'm only and hour from our agency, I did hand-deliver it myself. But I remember as I walked away, I felt like a big heavy weight was literally lifted off my shoulders. It was worth celebrating!! And don't worry about those documents...Hilary will get around to authenticating them eventually...LOL! She had to sign my BC, too. It was actually kind of cool to see her actual hand-signed (NOT stamped!)signature on there. I made a copy to keep for myself! ;)

Take care and congrats...this is a big step!!


Valerie and Jeff said...

I feel like celebrating with you! Unbelievable that you are HERE?! SO cool. Keep your eyes on Jesus and things will come together in time! I think you mentioned you are selling coffee with JustLoveCoffee. We ordered some through another site for Christmas and when that's gone I'll have to reorder some more. (Honestly with the sickness going around I've only had one cup so far!) I'll keep my mind open to money-raising ideas. Maybe you could run or walk in a 5K race this summer and generate funds through pledges? I am just thrilled that you are here. Think how far God has brought you in so short of time. AMAZING! and Congrats!

Tara Anderson said...

I can only imagine the excitement...and sheer terror...that are surrounding you right now! I'm starting to send stuff off to be certified and authenticated and I'm scared to death it's going to get lost. Good thing for tracking numbers! :) I'm thinking it will probably take about 7 months for us to put our dossier together, so I guess I've got about 5 more months before my big day! And, I know...believe me I scary it is to think about all the money that's still needed, but I'm trusting God to provide for both of us. He called us to this and HE will make it happen. His word promises us that!!!

Beth said...

So very happy for you. God will provide and I know you know that.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel good to have that paperwork done!

Just alittel confused...finacncing is 100% provided...then still needing $25, 000? Or did you mean the financing for the dossier was provided? Just sounds confusing that's all, not trying to pick on you.
I'm confident that soon we'll be reading thatt it's all taken care of! :)---Brenda B

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have read more carefully, now I see it says "to this point". Silly me.
I'm sure everything will work out!
Brenda B