Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, you know the rest of that right?? She had so many children, she didn't know what to do. Yeah, apparently, thats me! Hahaha! Sometimes I do feel incredibly out numbered. I would have to say though, most of the time, I have a firm handle on things. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, funny thing happened. Last week I went to the postal store to mail off some important adoption documents. It was in the middle of the day, and I had to take all three tots with me. No big deal, I often take them on errands. This particular postal store is like cat nip for kids though. There is something about it that makes them crazy. So I was trying to explain to the clerk what I needed (it was very involved. Overnighting there, return overnight label back to me, etc..) and my kids were flippin' out in the store. So I excused myself and called my kids over. I made the three of them sit in a line on the floor with their backs up against the counter. It was sad, but I was desperate for the clerk to understand me. He was so nice and helpful. I apologized for my rambuncious children and we got all of my stuff taken care of. He started telling me about his children, and how he understood that they can be nuts. I told him the reason I was there was to mail documents that we needed to bring our daughter home from China, so we were adding to the chaos! I also told him that our new daughter only speaks Mandarin so that would make things that much more interesting. Anyway, we wrapped it up and left.

So fast forward to this week. I was talking to my friend on Monday. She said she had to go to the postal store and was talking to the clerk. She said he started telling her about this mom that came in with her three kids and was actually adopting a little girl from China too. She said she started laughing and told him that I was her friend. HAHAHAHAHA.

Apparently, we left quite the impression. And I don't mean that in a good way. He must have thought I was crazy. LOL. I am still laughing thinking about it!

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Tara Anderson said...

I get that, too! People see me out doing adoption stuff with my three kids (under the age of 6, nonetheless!) and they give me the strangest looks! One person even gave me that peculiar look and askd, "Who mean you want more?" I may be crazy, but I'm also richly blessed!!!